33 Creative and Beautiful Logos

By / Oct 1, 2009 / Inspiration

Logo design, like any other design process, sometimes requires some inspiration to spark creativity. If you’re in need of some logo design inspiration, here is a collection of 33 creative and beautiful logos. These all have varying styles, but possess the same high quality.


































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  • http://onethatknows.com Omer Rosenbaum

    All look great except for that Poseidon logo. I mean if a recruitment agency want to attract as many candidates as possible showing a fish that looks kind of dead won´t help them so much.

    • http://www.tressleycahill.com Tressley

      It’s supposed to resemble a tie.

    • optical

      hahah. you fail at design if you couldn’t recognize that.

      • heymynameismark

        Tressly & optical – you two are both wrong.

        Omer has recognised the fish symbol correctly… it’s for Poseidon Jobs. Poseidon is the Greek God of the sea. One of his symbols being a fish… I’d say they pulled that one off pretty well!

        • heymynameismark

          PS. It also doubles as a tie and shirt

          • heymynameismark

            So I was wrong saying you are both wrong. What I should have said was, you are both right! It’s a fish and a tie – for obvious reasons

  • http://ukwelii.wordpress.com/about Mark Kaigwa

    Total Awesomeness. Thanks for the inspiring collection and to @cheth for Tweeting.

  • http://www.rayspettersson.com Ray Pettersson

    Brilliant! The last one is my favorite!

  • http://yenioyunlaroyna.com/ oyun

    great logos thank you

  • Maged

    Marvelous , out standing logos with great concepts
    thanks for sharing

  • http://www.dotndot.com dotndot

    Awesome designs…Nice collection.

  • http://designect.com Designect.Com

    Cool logos. Thx you!!!

  • http://www.fivefingercoding.com Chet Garrison

    Great collection. You can tell that each one had a lot of thought put into it.

  • http://frontpage.blogsome.com/ FrontPage Blogsome

    Helpful inspiring collection.

    Cloud Corner is really awesome.

  • http://www.thelogorunner.com Rob

    great collection, personal favourites would be “birdie pro shop” and “twins” – classic

  • http://www.paulolyslager.com Paul Olyslager

    I agree with Rob, the birdie pro shop is nicely done. But the absolute winners are cloudcorner and castle print… Really like these kind of posts, keep them coming please :)

  • http://wparchive.com Ahmed

    i love the design of bloom logo looks very simple but professional

  • Tom

    I’m not sure if I agree with most of the commenters/author of this article.

    Most of these logos are just examples of the current obsession with gradients/rainbow colour schemes.

    Sure they look pretty and trendy, but that isn’t what makes a great logo. Nearly all of them will look really dated when the next trend comes along.

    I did like the birdie pro shop though, because it actually makes sense.

  • http://pelfusion.com PelFusion

    shows some effort has been put

  • jesse meyer

    @Omer Rosenbaum It’s a tie, you idiot.

  • http://www.chotrul.com/ Mark Carter

    I sometimes wonder if the logos in these sort of showcases are used commercially, or whether they are just design exercises. Some of them are extremely complex for a logo, to my eyes at least …

  • http://www.ihoneyjoo.com Kenny

    Very nice logos indeed!

  • http://www.tutoriallounge.com Tutorial Lounge

    really beautiful stuff.

  • http://www.subcorpus.net/blog/ subcorpus

    very nice collection …
    thanks for sharing …
    appreciated …

  • grux

    castleprint the best!!!!! NICE NICE NICE

  • http://www.w2point.com Web 2.0 Tools

    Awesome collection, thanks..

  • Christian

    How many of these were designed for actual companies or clients?
    Design websites are saturated with these “10 Awesome Creative SuperDooper Logos” posts filled with nothing but half-baked ideas and trend fodder. The most memorable logos are simple, can be produced in 1 color, and withstand the test of time and trends.
    Most of these designs will look dated in 6 months.

  • shinful

    Only Birdie, Studio Eight, CastlePrint, Umbrella Prints, Smart Book and Twi2s that hit the mark. Concept, Aesthetic and Most applicable logo. Meaning it’s still good in black and white and small scale legibility.
    The rest are crap, eye-candy stuff and lack of originality and uniqueness. Sorry folks.
    Special mentions are too Cloud of Love. Very unique and original, but I’d like to see how it went in 2 colors and even 1 color.

  • http://www.chabelita.biz/ CHABELITA


    When you made a logo, it has a big allocation of financial promotion to branding its image!

    Without a huge and glamour promotion, a logo is just a scratch on paper! Really…?!?

    Graphic Designer: How to make HIGH PAYMENTS and EXPENSIVE

  • http://www.jadgraphics.net Jad Graphics

    Some cool logo designs there. Twins was a very creative and simple logo. I really like it!

  • Web Samurai

    Birdie, Studio 8, and Twins are the best. Simple and Creative.

  • Klortho

    You left out my favorite, the OGC logo:

  • http://agentfusion.com Jason Barone

    Wow, Twins is simply AWESOME.

  • http://alwaysabounding.org Abounding

    The Birdie Pro Shop logo really caught my attention; it is classic. Another favorite is Fly – but it took me a moment to get it.


  • dapas


  • http://www.dache.ch David Pache

    Thanks very much for featuring my work :^)

  • http://www.tikoim.de tikoim

    I like the idea of the LOOK logo – so simple but even though a eye-catcher

  • http://www.leolavalle.com Leo

    Some are very very clever, now, I don’t mean to be a hater but it is MUCH easier when you create the project or the company name and then the logo… some seem like they followed that path of coming up with a logo idea or concept and then creating the non-real company around….

  • http://ravivora.com Ravi Vora

    I wish more clients were as open to genius logos like these. Most of the time they want a “me too” approach.

    Sometimes you get lucky though, like I did when redesigning the Dune Novels logo.

    Nice list nonetheless!

  • http://www.pomdesign.com web designers

    some nice logos, thanks for sharing…

  • Mario

    Beautiful!! great post… also, someone know devian’s font?

  • http://www.clippingimages.com clippingimages

    Great collection of logos, Thanks for sharing these beautiful logos.

  • http://www.oyagroup.com Karen

    I like Birdie Pro Shop and Twins. The sideways “2” in twins was a delightful surprise.

  • http://christophermeeks.com Christopher Meeks

    Tons of creativity here, really impressive list.

  • http://www.jmc-website-design.co.uk Jason

    It’s amazing how some of the simplest designs are the most effective

  • http://bambangsetyawan.com bams

    oh yups, thanks for the sharing guys…, the unique experience of the logo design…

  • http://bit.ly/2Z6fwg Heysenberg

    Congratulations for the great blog dude… Btw, have you tried this for logo creation?

  • John

    Wow nice selection 😉

    I really love this one too… http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/76815

  • http://www.beautifulyouwellness.com Sheila Bowen

    I like the TYZE and Cloud of Love ones.

  • http://wpclubs.com WPClubs

    Great post! i love the ‘musikings’ and ‘cloud corner’ logos they are brilliant :)

  • http://www.discountwebdesign.co.uk Discount website design uk

    The logos are great. It would have beeen good to have another post where you mention the message behind each logo. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://gikmedia.com GIK Web Design

    Great logos always like design that a easy and descriptive. The bigest brands in the world, Apple, Microsoft, Macdonalds, Facebook, Google etc all have some of the simplest logos you will see and it worked for them.

  • Hilary

    Fantastic, so effective. Thanks for sharing

  • http://tenml.com Tenml

    very simple and elegant design.
    I think the designers have a lot experience on design fields.

  • Ningraj

    Absolutely mind blowing & I personally like Cloud Corner, Image Nest, Look, Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.9seos.co.uk Ramidiu

    Great logo design with brand description.

  • http://goo.gl/oxNoS Time Clock

    Excellent designs and great thoughts in designing.

  • http://www.simplywebsitedesign.co.uk Website Design

    Some nice designs,every business needs a good logo and you have shown this.