35 Inspirational User Profile Webpage Layouts

By / Jul 20, 2012 / Inspiration

Social networking websites are blowing up all across the world. There are many systems which have a need for user profile pages which display personal information on each member. These are often accompanied by an avatar or user photo of some kind, and these layouts are often very unique.

I have put together this case study of 35 excellent user profile webpages for design inspiration. You should check out each of these sites to see how they’ve built a structured profile page. You have to consider user information along with site data such as checkins, news posted, friends, followers, etc. This new age of social media has brought about dynamic trends in designing layouts for interactive websites.

Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers user profile

Angel List

Matt Mullenweg profile angel list


Kevin Rose profile on Pownce


Google Plus user profiles


Trilulilu video streaming YouTube clone


Dribbble shots graphics design


Etsy user profile design showcase


SoundCloud user profiles web design


DigZign web design social news

The Web Blend

social news for the web blend designs


Design Bump social design news

Source Canvas

Source Canvas social news web developers


user profiles Dzone software programmers

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Stackexchange user profiles


Digg v4 user profiles redesign


Yelp food reviews web design


HubPages web bloggers writers


User profile designs for Flickr


Pandora music radio profiles


Del.icio.us bookmarking website


Internet marketing stumbleupon user profiles


AnswerBag answers user profile designs


Bebo social networking user profile


watching TV online with Clicker


Social coding network with Github


Destiny Islands video profile on Vimeo


Pinterest user profile boards

The Blog Frog

The Blog Frog user profile designs


User education social media profiles


Q&A social community profiles Quora


Online Fluther questions/answer community


Movies, Screenwriting community Slated


Meetup user profile design


Tout live Regis and Kelly

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Jake Rocheleau is a creative writer and UI designer. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or visit his personal website at JakeRocheleau.com.

  • Dan

    Wow, a list of websites and a partial screen grab of their profile pages. I think it’s awesome that you haven’t tried to influence the reader by expressing any sort of opinion of your own, or by explaining why you consider these to be ‘excellent’ examples. This sort of thing really enriches the web, thanks!

  • Jalokim

    No to sound rude or anything, but Only 3 or 4 of those designs are actually inspiring. I’m a web design and developer myself and I know how hard it is to sort and display user profiles… though this post might give me some tips…
    I’m pretty sure there are better examples out there.

  • http://www.bodhum.net/ Bodhum

    These are some fantastic examples for user profiles. I would say this is an excellent collection, especially because you don’t find many other articles on this same topic.

  • http://www.spinxwebdesign.com/ Jess

    Great Collection of Inspirational User Profile.social media is a best platform to connect with millions of people.

    Thanks for Great post..

  • Harish

    Not really all great collection of inspirational user profiles. Only 2-3 of them are good.

  • Adrian

    Worst article ever.
    Completely useful without any information, and the majority of them are terrible designers anyway.

    Although the content of the Bebo profile did make me laugh.

  • http://thewebblend.com Louis Gubitosi

    nice collection and thanks for adding The Web Blend!

  • http://taglinegroup.com Christina Cruz

    I thought the collection was good. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.michigandesignsolutions.com Adam

    Only a few of those actually looked good to me, but thanks anyhow :)

  • Mark Ellis

    I’m a UX Designer. It’s often difficult to find examples to riff off of when I need to design something as boring as a user profile. And it actually doesn’t matter whether the all the examples are”good” or not. It doesn’t. Looking at examples of profiles that are “bad” is often just as helpful because you can see what others have tried and identify things you don’t want to do yourself. So haters can hate on this list, but I think it has a lot of value. Thanks!

  • http://tejaratblog.com Daniel Zimmerman

    Very nice collection of websites. Thanks for sharing.