404 Error Pages for Your Viewing Pleasure

By / Oct 14, 2009 / Inspiration

No one likes seeing the dreaded error page on a website. It usually occurs when a link is bad. Error pages, also known by their street name as 404 pages, are depressing. They make you feel sad and confused and angry at the web designer. Perhaps all of this is irrational, but it happens. As a way to defuse any ill feelings, many web designers came up with a simple yet smart solution– customizing a 404 error page. As simple as it may seem, a customized error page will make a visitor feel like you care about their user experience on your website.

Error pages are easy to create, so there’s no excuse to avoid them. Even with the most solid website, you never know when someone might mis-spell a URL link and hit a page that doesn’t exist. Be prepared when that happens to you, even if by no fault of your own. Let these great error pages be your inspiration to creating your own.

Do you know of any cool 404 pages we’re missing?

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  • http://xtraboy.com Oleg

    Coll list! Take a Look at My Personal 4o4 Error Page:


  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Daniel Long

    There are some really good ways to show an error 404 page int his collection. They are all very inspiring and have a massive impact. Some of the pages are almost too good, that you would want to accidentally stumble across them so you can view them. Definetly something to take into consideration when making a 404 page…

  • http://www.jazzdrummerworld.com Dave

    I Love this Collection. And this is my ERROR 404 Page


    for Drummer 😉 !!

  • http://www.xero-g.co.uk Stuart Holmes

    Some good and amusing examples here, I am currently trying to change my employers 404 page to something more meaningful than ‘Page not found’, so I will show them this!

    Here is one of my 404 pages; http://trubru.co.uk/404

  • http://www.sathishsampath.com Sathish Sampath


    Excellent collection. Few things are really inspiring. Came in a real good time, when i revamp my site. May be i should also put something like this to hold the people hitting broken links

    Thanks a lot

    sathish sampath

  • http://www.stronglook.blogspot.com stronglook

    I dont know where you’d find it, but Playmobil used to have the Mexican kid in Devil Halloween fancy dress as theirs (apparently!)


  • http://www.blogfullbliss.com/ Adrian

    Nice list, but smashing mag already has most of these listed.

    Checkout mine http://www.blogfullbliss.com/404

  • http://www.bleedingsweat.com BleedingSweat

    Did anyone else notice the Goatse 404? I almost fell out of my friggen chair!! Nothing like hiding some sicko pr0n in your typography. Now THAT’S class!

  • http://takelessons.com Michael

    Here’s a cool Elvis 404 from a music lessons company: http://takelessons.com/error

  • emily

    I’ve always loved the illustration on the mica.edu website’s: http://www.mica.edu/404

  • http://symfony-casts.com Kevin

    A full game in a 404 page: https://thcnet.net/zork/index.php

    You can even save/restore if you are a member of the site.

  • http://tutsaz.com seraph

    does mine qualify? 😀 http://tutsaz.com/404

  • http://iamfrankstallone.com Frank Stallone

    I am partial to wefollow.com’s 404 page because of its back to the future reference. That will win every time in my book.


  • http://alexgamela.com/blog Alexandre Gamela
  • http://www.arsgrafik.com/ Kendall

    Ours even has a haiku about 404 pages:


  • http://www.justinl.com Justin L.

    These are great! I just did a custom 404 page for my wife’s store… it was fun. http://unleashedpetshop.com/404.html

  • James W

    Google has a handy search widget for 404 pages to help visitors find what they were looking for: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2008/08/make-your-404-pages-more-useful.html

  • http://www.mattnortham.com Matt

    The 404 goat ftw..

    And of course, the obligatory ‘i made a 404 page too and i like it’ link: http://www.mattnortham.com/404.php :)

  • John

    This is also good http://keremsuer.com/404

  • http://haxpor.org haxpor

    Holy crab!!

    These are wonderful. Fresh ideas out there huh.

  • http://www,factormetal.com German

    Nice collection here my 404


  • http://www.puntoexeinformatica.it Adam

    Great list!

    Here is our 404 page:

  • http://www.tutoriallounge.com Tutorial Lounge

    really latest and amazing collection for better design idea. thanks

  • kuba

    in that comic pig is the l33t hax0r1ng ski113d guy therefore he appears on 404 error

  • http://www.lincoln-plumbing.co.uk/ Lincoln Plumber

    haha, some of these made me chuckle. I’ve got to say though, you must have spent a huge amount of time finding these 404’s. Great compilation!

  • http://www.edgarleijs.nl Edgar Leijs

    Have you seen the 404 of the company i work for?
    It’s in Dutch…

    Discription: A cartoon made by a famous Dutch cartoonist dissing insurance companies… and we are an insurance broker! Some self-criticism isn’t quite bad!?


  • http://www.istockphoto.com/so-coaddict Ian Harding

    Oh wow, thanks for listing my 404 design in your collection (“Hang in there”, iStockphoto.com – 7th down from top). Lots of great page designs in there with humorous messaging.

  • http://www.kamikazemusic.com/blog Dave Sparks

    Gotta love a good 404
    Here’s mine

  • http://www.totalapps.net David

    I really would love my 404 page to be included in one of these posts. I thought I was being quite smart, given it is a photo site



  • http://www.jmc-website-design.co.uk Jason

    Hehe, the uh oh spaghettio one was by far my favourite, almost fell off my chair. I’m surprised there isn’t a ‘you’ve been rick rolld 404′.

    Some very creative stuff though, has inspired me to invent one myself 😀

  • http://www.paws-and-effect.com JaneA

    Great collection! I love a good 404 page. Here’s my 404: http://www.paws-and-effect.com/404

  • http://www.nataliarey.com.ar Natalia


  • bartonm

    A friend of mine sent it: 404 page of Blizzard: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/us/

  • http://www.traxor-designs.com/ Luke Jones


    Not amazing, I know. But it could be worse. 😀

  • http://www.gwipdesign.com gwipDesign

    While not nearly as creative as some of these I like it.


    Although my blog does too good of a job redirecting messed up url’s so no one will probably ever see it.

  • http://tysonsean.com TysonR.

    Quote”Do you know of any cool 404 pages we’re missing?”

  • http://terramedia.com.au Matt

    There are some really great 404 page examples here but I noticed on a number of them, despite their novelty, it wasn’t immediately clear why you aren’t at the page you expected to be at, and how to find your way to somewhere else on the website. I think it is vital to make it clear how to get to the rest of the website as well as clear that the page can’t be found so that a novice user understands.

  • http://dadako.net.ru leo

    my page «error 404» — http://dadako.net.ru/error-404 (refresh image)

  • http://www.w3planting.com w3planting
  • http://www.psprint.com/ Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    Creative indeed…..LOL!!!! How would you react to a 404 message that says: “What the…?” or “You’re Screwed”….I liked the chicken ones also….And I would enjoy an error message that says: “You Broke the Internet” (Wish i could really break it. LOL!!)

  • Charlize Art

    Another funny one, with sound.

  • http://divyasharad.blogspot.com div

    superb collection….. :-)

  • http://www.future-webs.com Future Webs

    Some really cool error 404 pages here, check mine out: http://www.future-webs.com/error

  • http://www.martaspendowska.com Marta Spendowska

    Love the 404 post.
    I think my error page is quite fun as well :


  • http://www.stjepantafra.com Stjepan Tafra

    My industrial 404 page (carved in metal):


  • http://www.surasoft.es suraklin

    lol it was a funny time spend here XD

  • http://www.shoppinghermes.com/ hermes kelly bag

    And of course, the obligatory ‘i made a 404 page too and i like it’ link

  • http://enosite.com site

    :))))very nice designs!

  • http://chykalophia.com/lovedsgn/ Ari Suardiyanti

    Lovely collection, check the one on my site as well: http://chykalophia.com/404 :)

  • Djazeiry

    is those pictures copyrighted ?? i wanna use one of them in future website :)