8 Cheat Sheet Wallpapers for Designers and Developers

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Web designers and developers have a lot to remember, from keyboard shortcuts to function names. That’s why it’s handy to have cheat sheets near by for a quick reference. Most people like to print out there cheat sheets on paper and have them sitting on their desk, but another convenient place for a cheat sheet is right on your computers desktop in the form of a wallpaper. Here we’ve rounded up a few very useful cheat sheets for web designers and developers that can be used as desktop wallpapers.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

cheat sheet

Color Theory Quick Reference Poster

cheat sheet

Periodic Table of Typefaces

cheat sheet

The Anatomy of Type

cheat sheet

Web Accessibility Checklist

cheat sheet

TextMate Shortcuts

cheat sheet

jQuery 1.3 Cheat Sheet

cheat sheet

WordPress Help Sheet

cheat sheet

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • dapas

    All the great Cheat Sheets. Thanks for collection..

  • http://twitter.com/brickum brickum

    very nice reference

  • bernichacra

    Thanks for the collection! Very useful!

  • http://www.twitter.com/derekobrien Derek O’Brien

    Awesome list, my students will love them.

  • http://www.quicklycode.com Giovanni Scala

    thanks for listing two of my wallpapers.
    Other wallpapers for designers, programmers, developers can be found here:

  • http://www.pragmaticdesign.co.uk Pragmatic Design

    Very handy, thanks. But I might still print them out- I usually have too many windows and palettes floating around to see the wallpaper 😉

  • http://dennissiegel.de Dennis

    Great! I really like the PS-shortcuts!

  • http://www.sleekdesignstudio.com Will

    These are awesome! I’m so going to get some of these printed out. Thanks!

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    Thank you. These are great! Wonderful design attractive and useful. :)

  • http://www.paper-leaf.com/blog Jeff

    Good post, and thanks for the link to our Color Theory poster. That WordPress one is going to be super helpful for me. Merry Christmas!

  • http://designstuffdaily.com Jason Stone

    Very well designed wallpapers, and functional too! Thanks for the share!

  • http://www.megansaxdesigns.com Megan

    Haha, this is pretty funny. I like it. I agree though, so many windows open, I may just have to print them out and put them next to my screen.

  • http://missioncommunicate.com Tim

    Some really helpful sheets here. More good cheat action on the way :-)
    WordPress + Photoshop are some helpful ones for sure!
    Thanks for posting this – oh, and the Google cheat sheet list caught my eye too. Beautiful.

    Have you seen the anatomy of a perfect landing page “cheat sheet”?
    Just thought I’d mention this one cause it certainly is a helpful designer/developer tool along these lines!


  • http://www.brilang.com Brian Lang

    Most are useful. The JQuery 1.3 one is somewhat dated now though. Keep that in mind if you’re using the latest version of JQuery (1.4.4)

  • http://www.uibuzz.com Peter Witham

    These are very cool and extremely useful, many thanks for sharing with us. The TextMate one alone makes them worth having :)

  • http://www.serprisedesign.co.uk Kevin

    Really great wallpapers, I’ve already set the WordPress one as my wallpaper =)

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    Thanks! Wonderful Article!

  • http://www.jonathaneveritt.com Jonathan Everitt

    Great resource. I especially like the WordPress help sheet. I’m a copywriter, but I will share these with my art director and web developer colleagues. BTW – The “Anatomy of Type” is poster-worthy. Very cool!

  • http://www.attractivo.com.au Graphic Designer Sydney

    Love, love, love these!

  • http://www.malcolmgibb.co.uk Malcolm Gibb

    Awesome as always! Need to get poster versions of these, already have the periodic table of typefaces for quite a while. The wordpress one is actually probably the most helpful instead of having to trawl through functions to find what you’re after. Love it!

  • Marc M

    Great! I prefer “The anatomy of type”, thanks Toma for the link.

  • http://www.tonibarrett.com Toni

    Great collection, thanks for posting.

  • http://www.paper-leaf.com/blog Jeff

    For those interested in our Color Theory poster, we have just released an Elements of Design poster. Same deal – free, source files included! See it here: http://www.paper-leaf.com/blog/2011/02/elements-of-design-quick-reference-sheet/

  • http://www.designmango.com Design Mango

    Wow, Every single one of these are helpful in some way. Thanks a lot. I love the WordPress one!

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    Great collection of cheat sheet.Thanks!

  • http://www.paper-leaf.com Jeff

    Hey Henry; we just released an accompanying poster to our Color Theory poster linked above; a Principles of Design Quick Reference poster. I thought it might be pertinent to this comment thread, if you/others are interested: http://bit.ly/dsgn-prncples


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    very useful collection specially for beginners…great article…

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    I’ve been looking for Adobe keyboard shortcuts for some time. This is very helpful in terms of boosting my productivity as a web designer. Thank you :)

  • Limão

    Eu gosto muito de “typefaces”…. e adorei a tabela periódica,… parabéns pelo “post”.