A Showcase of Super Clean Web Designs

By / Jul 3, 2009 / Inspiration

So what is clean web design? Some may say that clean and minimal are one and the same. They are right to some extent, but I believe a site can still be considered clean while making use of color and design elements. To me, a clean design is one that has an uncluttered layout, makes use of plenty of white space, and screams professionalism. If you’re still wondering what clean web design is, below are some excellent examples.



We Are Hunted

We Are Hunted



Alex Flueras

Alex Flueras

Ole Martin Kristiansen

Ole Martin Kristiansen

Patrick Monkel

Patrick Monkel





Martin Balhar

Martin Balhar



Area 17

Area 17















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  • http://ffffffive.com Henry

    Great list of sites! Nclude seems to be one of my favorites.

  • http://www.websiteme.co.uk/ Jonny Pioww

    Clean? Yep! Super Clean? Hmmm…

    Only messing, great collection, plus massive type looks awesome on a clean website.

  • Roger

    Great collection – thank you!

  • http://www.heartworker.com Joel Helin

    Thanks for featuring my website. Especially when it’s featured along with so many talents.

  • http://www.traxor-designs.com/ Luke Jones

    Great list¬!

  • http://dusanvf.com Dusan Vlahovic

    Great looking sites! Thanks.

  • http://www.trostme.com Ruben

    Thanks for featuring my website!!

  • http://newevolutiondesigns.com Tom – New Evolution Designs

    Good post. I am all about simplicity and getting to the point. This post made me want to do some redesigning of some sites =)

  • http://www.inkd.com Kelly Smith

    Thanks for putting Inkd on the list!

    Kelly Smith
    Founder & CEO
    kelly [at] inkd .com

  • http://www.theadamjanes.com TheAdamJanes

    Clean design is where it’s at. Trend is setting

  • http://www.album.alexflueras.ro Alex Flueras

    Thank you for mentioning my site!

  • http://www.tintedpixel.com Andrew

    Simplebits has always been a favorite. Very clean. Also dig inkd. Thanks for the roundup.

  • http://blog.jakerocheleau.com/ Jake Rocheleau

    Wow these are awesome. Really great inspiration gallery, thanks for the share!

  • http://www.theworkingweb.com emma

    Really an excellent collection of site that have clean web design.

  • http://www.krop.com/gustavs/ Gustavs

    Here is another one -> http://www.brandbox.lv

  • http://www.paulher.com Paul

    Nice roundup of simple, minimal and clean web design. Agreed with Andrew that Simplebits and inkd, they are my favorite also.

  • http://noded.biz Jaan Orvet

    Thank you for including our site – Noded!

  • http://www.webcoursesbangkok.com Carl – Web Courses Bangkok

    I`m lovin how less is more with design now :)

  • http://armigesfahani.com Armig Esfahani

    hmm I live Devia the most..
    I wish you posted this before a week I needed a collection like this and searched a lot.. I found some but didn’t like any of them much :)

  • http://nmiciano.com nOeL

    i love inkd!

  • http://www.bubblefish.com.au/ Website Design Sydney

    I like all sites, there are nice website designs collections. Thanks for nice share.

    I think this site can be include in your list: Website Design Sydney.

  • http://www.piraja.no Ole Martin Kristiansen

    Thanks for featuring my portfolio!

  • Man Mohan

    nice collection

  • http://thecreativelab.timothybsmith.com Tim Smith

    Great List! My favorite has got to be Simple bits! I really like their design. Finch and Inkd are good ones too. Thanks for the great post!

  • http://www.matthewfedak.co.uk matthew fedak

    Really great collection if only stuff like this was in leicester, be good if it listed what technologie sthey were in though like php, flash, javascript libraries etc. I always find you cannot design a blog too much or people fon’t recognise it as a blog. Martin Balhar’s portfolio is my favourite.

  • Mathew Sim

    Good collection! I especially like Martin Balhar’s website!

    You should also include this one. I think it’s pretty ingenious: http://www.creativeluggage.com

  • http://www.webtemplates.webfirstcreations.com/ web designs

    This is one of the best i have recently thanks for the blog.

  • Strudel


    Great list.

    Do you consider this site: http://pastichon.si to be clean?

  • http://www.seniorwebdesigner.com Mojo – Web Designer

    Very Impressive Collections i ADORE clean designs :)

  • Shen

    Nice list! 😀

    Here’s a couple I recommend checking out:


  • Mu

    I like SimpleBits, Trost & inkd.
    Very inspiring to me 😀

  • http://www.iamafreelancer.net web design egypt

    cool and so clean so easy to navigate

  • http://minimalissimo.com/ Minimalissimo

    Guys, also check out Minimalissimo at http://minimalissimo.com. We blog about minimalist design and try to practice what we preach!

  • http://businesscards24.com Creative Business Cards

    Love the Nove website.

    The chef photos are just awesome :)

  • http://www.studioweber.ro Alex Flueras

    Hello, here is another clean, minimal site: http://www.studioweber.com

  • http://www.aaronkato.co.uk/ Aaron Kato

    Amazing sites! Really beautiful layouts, that was great! It’s about 4 hours I can’t move from your site :) Please let me introduce my own portfolio site, which is clean contains no menu and befit to this collection, maybe it could be the part of your next relevant article:

    http://www.aaronkato.co.uk/ thank you in advance for the feedbacks!

  • http://www.vertigo-nme.mk Ivana

    Great job!! I’m impressed really.

  • http://www.aarontolley.co.uk Aaron

    Great collection of inspiration! I came up with this very simplistic design for my portfolio. What do you think? htp://www.aarontolley.co.uk

  • http://www.alvipixels.com Web Design Wakefield

    Great collection, nice clean websites with minimum colour and images.