Author: Jake Rocheleau


Tips for CSS3 Browser Support & Fallback Methods

Although modern browsers have been improving rapidly there’s still a need for backwards compatibility. Web standards have reached a turning point where most devices are capable of supporting CSS3 features. However it’s crucial to understand your audience and learn how to manage visitors who are not at the precipice of change.


29 Well-Designed Online Style Guides

Companies and large projects will often develop a series of design rules in relation to branding, logos, icons, and mascots. These rules are referred to as style guides or alternatively branding guides. They’re used both internally for employees and externally for media kits. Traditionally these style guides were created as books which would be shared […]


Tips for Building Conference & Event Websites

It seems like every creative field has a slew of new conferences popping up every year. These are becoming more popular as both patrons and organizers are gaining valuable experience and meeting new people. Naturally the best way to organize a gathering is over the Internet so conference websites are rising in popularity.


The Benefits of SVG Images in Web Design

Retina screens and 1080p monitors are forcing the hand of modern web designers. Vector art has long been used for print work and logo design, but hasn’t always been accepted on the web. Now with so many tutorials and free tools like Inkscape it’s never been easier to learn vector design.