June 19, 2024

QCon San Francisco runs from November 16th-20th

Software development is a rapidly growing industry with more demand for programmers across the spectrum. Nowadays mobile apps are another huge area that offer career opportunities beyond just websites and desktop programs/enterprise applications.

The QCon San Francisco conference is a large gathering of software developers from around the world. The 2015 event runs for a total of 3 conference days and 2 optional workshop days.

You’ll find topics that cover a wide gamut like machine learning, architecture, streaming data, and specific languages like Java/C#/JavaScript/etc.

The first three days are full of incredible speakers and are certainly worth attending.

But if you have the extra time it might be working staying on the 19th & 20th for extra workshops. You can learn everything from building your first iOS application to the fundamentals of Java programming.

Mid-November is fast approaching so if you’d like to attend then register now before tickets are sold out.

Also to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings you should check out QCon’s Facebook page or follow the official Twitter account @QConSF.

They’ve also released a brief intro video for people thinking of attending in the future.

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