July 18, 2024

South Dakota Code Camp in Sioux Falls on November 7th

The South Dakota Code Camp event is a single-day meetup for people to gather for talks and practice coding. The 2015 event will be held in Sioux Falls, ND on November 7th.

It’s actually a free event where tickets can be ordered well in advance. Granted you are more than welcome to donate if you have the available funds.

This code camp is dedicated to teaching about how to code for the web. It places a focus on HTTP & architecture along with environments like PHP or .NET.

Here’s a brief blurb taken from the SD Code Camp website:

This is an event hosted by the Sioux Falls Developers Group and South Dakota .Net User Group with the sponsorship and support from many area businesses. Most of you visiting may be wonder “Whats a code camp?” Here is the basic idea.

To learn more about the all-day sessions visit the website and browse through topics. You can also see a full list of speakers with background info & experience for each person.

If you’d like to attend visit the conference website and sign up today.

Otherwise you can always keep updated over Twitter by following the official account @sdcodecamp.

Code Camp website South Dakota

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