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Microsoft Visual Studio Code Reaches 1.0

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code has recently reached its 1.0 release. Over the course of past few months, Microsoft has been trying hard to provide a stable and robust performance in Visual Studio Code, with numerous bug fixes and performance upgrades. 


Affinity Shall Soon be Available on Windows

Affinity, the popular set of creative apps, shall soon be available for Windows users as well. So far, Affinity apps were available only for Mac users. As per the official announcement, Affinity have already developed an alpha build of their software that has been running on Windows successfully. As such, in a couple of months…


Microsoft Releases its Deep-Learning Toolkit on GitHub

Microsoft has recently announced that its Computational Network Toolkit is now fully open source and accessible to anyone who might have an interest in it. The Computational Network Toolkit, commonly known as CNTK, is something that Microsoft’s engineers evolved and developed in-house, as a form of artificial intelligence, to enable Windows devices to understand and…

Microsoft’s Bing Has A New Logo

The world’s second most popular search engine has a new logo. Yes, Microsoft recently unveiled a new logo for Bing. The new logo has abandoned the erstwhile yellow and is now green in color. This is the second change in logo of Bing ever since its birth in 2009 — the first change came in…

Internet Explorer 8, 9 And 10 Will Soon Be Retired

If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, now might be the perfect time to upgrade to the latest version. Starting January 12, Microsoft intends to pull the plug on Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, thereby making these versions obsolete. On January 12, Microsoft will be releasing a patch that offers some…


Microsoft Cortana is Now Available on Android and iOS

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of Siri, the virtual personal assistant that helps you get things done. Thus far, Cortana was available only on Windows devices, but it has now come to iOS and Android as well. Starting now, users of Android and iOS devices can download and install Cortana. The features and functionality of Cortana…

Adobe Releases Photoshop’s Greatest Update Yet

Today the latest version of Adobe Photoshop is revealed, CC 2015.1 is now available. The new version comes with latest and greatest Adobe has to offer for one of its most popular products, along with new features and most exciting, a new look. The popular design platform for designers and photographers comes completely redesigned with…

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