July 14, 2024

Microsoft Cortana is Now Available on Android and iOS

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of Siri, the virtual personal assistant that helps you get things done. Thus far, Cortana was available only on Windows devices, but it has now come to iOS and Android as well.

Starting now, users of Android and iOS devices can download and install Cortana. The features and functionality of Cortana across different devices remains the same — it will help you schedule your tasks and appointments, keep you reminded of stuff you’re supposed to do, and also entertain you with a joke or two. 

Beyond that, Cortana also lets you manage your emails, track packages and flights, get directions, view scores and stocks, and so on. Cortana comes with its own notebook as well.


So, will it mean users will give up Siri and switch to Cortana? Doubtful, and this makes the prospects of Cortana on iOS little bleak. However, for Android users, Cortana can be useful, especially because most Android users use a Windows laptop or desktop for work, and this can help them keep their content synced across devices.

You will need a device with iOS 8 or higher, or Android 4.1.2 and above in order to be able to use Cortana. If you are on Windows 10, you can sync your mobile phone or tablet and install Cortana directly, as long as you have a compatible version of the mobile operating system.


Android users can find Cortana here, where iOS users can download Cortana from this page.

Sufyan bin Uzayr is a writer, developer, and coffee-lover. He has authored several books and writes for various publications. You can learn more about his work at his website.

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