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The Qwerkywriter Giveaway

Love typewriters, but don’t love how impractical they are? Enter to win the amazing Qwerkywriter Giveaway! The Qwerkywriter by Qwerkytoys, a unique typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard with the tactile clicky sounds, connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacPros, Macbooks, Android Tablets Devices, Windows Tablets, and more. Housed entirely in an aluminum-metal alloy for that luxurious blend…


Twitter is Testing Material Design for its Android App

Twitter is working on a new design and layout for its Android application, and if the opinion provided by beta testers is anything to go by, the new look of the official Twitter app shall be based on the principles of Material Design. 


Google Unveils New Icons For Play Family of Apps

Google has been known for redesigning its apps and paying great attention to detail. As such, when it comes to icon design, Google will not cut any corners, obviously. Recently, Google has released a new look for the Google Play family of icons for Android devices such as smartphones, watches and tablets. 


Microsoft Cortana is Now Available on Android and iOS

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of Siri, the virtual personal assistant that helps you get things done. Thus far, Cortana was available only on Windows devices, but it has now come to iOS and Android as well. Starting now, users of Android and iOS devices can download and install Cortana. The features and functionality of Cortana…

Lightroom Release Free for Android

Everyone with an Android device can now look forward to the excellent editing and synchronizing of photo files that come with Adobe Lightroom. Adobe released Lightroom for Android version 1.4, with a free subscription for Android mobile users. Take advantage of the free trial by signing up or logging into a Creative Cloud account. The…

Take a Creative Journey with YouTube’s New Music App

Music is a daily part of the design process for most designers I know because it helps inspire. There is a variety of music streaming services available to serve creatives worldwide. Today, the largest site for video, YouTube, is stepping into the music app scene with the launch of their latest product, YouTube Music. The…

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