July 18, 2024

Google Unveils New Icons For Play Family of Apps

Google has been known for redesigning its apps and paying great attention to detail. As such, when it comes to icon design, Google will not cut any corners, obviously. Recently, Google has released a new look for the Google Play family of icons for Android devices such as smartphones, watches and tablets. 

The new icons pertain to apps and services such as Play Store in itself, Play Music, Play Games, Play Books, and other related applications. Here is how Google describes the changes:

Since launching Google Play four years ago, we’ve always had dedicated apps in addition to the Google Play store. Today, all our icons are getting an update to provide a consistent look across the entire family of Play apps.

You’ll start to see the new Google Play icons across devices and online in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll continue enjoying the Play family of products—now with a new look.

And this is a quick look of the new icons, that we shall soon see on our devices:


To learn more about this update, check out the official Android blog.

What do you think of the new icon design for Google Play family of apps? Share your views in the comments below!

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