July 14, 2024

Adobe Releases Photoshop’s Greatest Update Yet

Today the latest version of Adobe Photoshop is revealed, CC 2015.1 is now available. The new version comes with latest and greatest Adobe has to offer for one of its most popular products, along with new features and most exciting, a new look.

Adobe Photoshop Update1

The popular design platform for designers and photographers comes completely redesigned with a new UI. The welcome screen has been updated to show latest projects in the form of thumbnails and files names along with handy tutorials. Buttons have been given a modern look with a flatter interface featuring ghost buttons, and no dialogs or drop shadows.

Adobe Photoshop Update2 Adobe Photoshop Update3Adobe Photoshop Update4

Other enhancements to the premier product include improved typography, added tweaks to Artboards to make them more manageable, and better tools and featured to improve workflow. One of the most exciting improvements is the added speed and performance. Exports and saving is now faster and produced with higher quality for Save for Web JPG and PNG. The entire application can also run in a touch-screen mode. However, it is only compatible with Windows and not likely to be adapted to iOS or OSX.

Click here to view Adobe’s the full listing and video demos of features for Photoshop CC 2015.1

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  1. clippingmaskasia Reply

    Photoshop always appears with new update with more advanced and sophisticated tools. The last few updates seem to be very much specialized for photo retouching technique. Wondering to know what is the next surprise.

  2. Clipping Creations India Reply

    Though it is my limitation but I don’t want to update my Photoshop software after releasing update. I take time and learn more about the new update then decide about the up gradation. I really enjoy to read about new update like this one.

  3. Jason Reply

    Photoshop is always updated and its useful tools Every feature is awesome for Photo editing. i did not find any software like photoshop which has many options.

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