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Adobe is Closing Business Catalyst and Muse. Here Is Our Favorite Alternative

If you’ve been using Adobe’s Business Catalyst (BC) or Muse to build websites, you’re in a bind. Adobe announced that they are shutting down Business Catalyst and Muse after years of operation. Typically, agencies that use Business Catalyst also integrate Adobe Muse into their workflows to streamline the development and management of websites. So this…

Muse For You - Gradient Text Widget - Adobe Muse CC - Web Design Ledger

How to Add Gradient Text to your Adobe Muse Website

How to Add Gradient Text in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.    Gradients can be a great touch when wanting to add more styling to your website. With a lot of UI and UX design these days we are seeing gradients everywhere. It is actually a real art and skill to make sure the…

Text Mask Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a text clipping mask effect in Adobe Photoshop. Download Adobe Photoshop.

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