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Your key to success as a designer: These tools and resources

For better or for worse, technology rules the day for most web designers. It usually takes money to compete for more money, whether it’s in business or in poker. Similarly, it takes technology to compete in a field like a web design. Here, technical skills, resources, tools, or a combination of the three are necessary….

Probably The Best Web Tools & Services For 2017

Are you testing over and over web tools and services to find the best ones? You can stop it as we’ve made the job for you and we are eager to present you probably the best web tools and services for 2017. You will find the most appreciated WordPress themes, a premium WordPress Signature Plugin,…

Adobe Releases Photoshop’s Greatest Update Yet

Today the latest version of Adobe Photoshop is revealed, CC 2015.1 is now available. The new version comes with latest and greatest Adobe has to offer for one of its most popular products, along with new features and most exciting, a new look. The popular design platform for designers and photographers comes completely redesigned with…

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