May 28, 2024

With Be Theme and 130+ Pre-made Layouts, the Sky’s the Limit

 Once you have an idea how you want your website to look, the first step is to take that idea and create a conceptual design. Once the conceptual design is firmed up, you can begin the page building process. The problem is, creating a website from scratch isn’t usually that easy. Creating a workable conceptual design can easily become a trial and error process, and false starts are time wasters and best avoided.

If you have the right website building tools at your disposal, and a conceptual design in the form of a pre-made layout with one-click installation in front of you, everything becomes easier. A pre-made layout is the ultimate productivity hack, and when you have 130+ to choose from you can get your project off to a fast start.

Check out the Be Theme pre-made layouts below, and see how impressively diverse they are.



Web Design










Getting Started – Quickly Edit a Pre-Made Layout using Muffin Builder 3

Be Theme just keeps getting better and better, and one of the reasons is Muffin Builder. Muffin Builder 3, the latest version features greater speed and performance than ever before. This page builder was popular to begin with, and with these latest improvements it is certain to become more popular than ever.


Muffin Builder’s clean, new look, improved graphics and a lighter color scheme offers improved readability. Data transfer is faster and navigation has been improved. Muffin Builder has always been easy to use, but users will quickly discover that with Version 3 it takes less time to find needed items thanks to a super-efficient search tool.

Another improvement that is creating a great deal of enthusiasm among Be Theme users is a set of new containers in Muffin Builder’s Section feature, called Wraps. Wraps gives users greater freedom in creating content that will take your breath away.

Take a few moments to check out this video. It demonstrates how incredibly fast and easy it is to edit a pre-made layout and to create exactly the web page you have in mind.


Show the Results to your Client, along with Your Invoice   

There is never a need to worry about sending your client an invoice accompanied by substandard results when a pre-made layout serves as your product’s foundation, and Be Theme with Muffin Builder is your tool of choice. An increasingly larger segment of clients have limited budgets to work with, but they still want exceptional quality for what they are able or willing to pay.

When you deliver outstanding results to your client, and do so on time or ahead of time, your client will not only be more than willing to pay the amount shown on the invoice, but will most likely be wanting more. If you have any doubt as to what the quality of your deliverables can be using this WordPress theme, see what others have to say. You can expect your clients to echo the words.

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Be Theme is a Feature-Packed Theme

Be Theme is the biggest WordPress theme on the market today. This is due in part to the 130+ pre-made layouts, more than are offered by any other theme, and in part due to its more than 40 core features. Describing what each core feature offers would take pages, but this small sampling should give you a good idea as to what you can expect:


  • The Shortcode Generator with 200+ Shortcodes allows you to build your web pages faster and easier than ever.
  • Be Theme’s selection of 20 Customizable Header Styles and 6-Column Support gives you a practically unlimited number of page configurations and styles to base your web pages on.
  • Most Be Theme users prefer Muffin Builder as their page builder of choice, but if you happen to be a Visual Composer fan, you can use it as well. You can even use both to edit your website.

All in all, each website you create using Be Theme will be unique. You can create one jaw-dropping website after another with no two looking alike. Clients and users will be quick to credit you for being a creative genius. You’ll discover how nice it is to have a set of one-click-to-install pre-made layouts, in combination with an easy-to-use tool that makes you look good.


Costumer Support is Always there for You

Customer support is never more than a phone call or mouse click away. Be Theme is so delightfully easy to use that it is unlikely you are going to need much in the way of assistance, but even in the best of times there is always something that could crop up. When you are trying something new and different, or trying a different approach to something, there are always questions that can arise, and you always count on prompt courteous service from Be Theme’s, top-rated support team. The User Manuals and video tutorials will have much of the information you may need, and the forums represent a gold mine of information.

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If you would like to create higher quality websites faster, and with less effort, Be Theme is just the right solution. This productivity enhancing WordPress theme, with its 130+ pre-made layouts and its host of powerful core features, including a new and improved version of Muffin Builder, will take your website-building adventures to a new level.

The video gives you a sampling as to just how easy this theme is to use, and by all means visit the website to check out the many core features along with the other 130+ pre-made layouts. Having done all of that – Hop on Board!



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