Author: Jake Rocheleau


jQuery Audit lets you analyze jQuery from Chrome Developer Tools

Have you ever needed to find information regarding your jQuery scripts? It’s common practice to scour through code looking for a certain function that targets an element on the page, or find which callback method ran after an event. Well thankfully there’s jQuery Audit which installs as a browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension…


Springloops offers SVN/Git Control combined with Web Deployments

Managing a website’s deployment digitally may seem like a chore at first. But once you understand the fundamentals and learn to work within a system it can become a tremendous time saver. Springloops is a service that helps with deployment and version control management. You’re able to setup SVN or Git repos and contain all…


Joomla World Conference celebrates 10 years of Joomla Nov 6th-8th

The PHP/MySQL CMS Joomla has been around for a very long time. In fact, 2015 is the ten year anniversary of this well-respected Content Management System. A large annual gathering known as Joomla World Conference will be held this year in Bangalore, India. The 2015 conference will run for three days from November 6th-8th and…


13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations by Mike Monteiro

Recently at Generate NYC 2015 we saw a number of incredible presentations. Some of these have been posted on YouTube and one in particular has resonated with freelancers, contractors, and anyone who deals with clients on a monthly basis. Mike Monteiro is the author of books like “Design is a Job” and “You’re My Favorite…


CodeMyUI curates Free Code Snippets for Web Projects

CodeMyUI is an interesting project that catalogs open source code snippets from around the web. Its primary focus is on frontend code that often pushes the boundaries of modern web development. HTML/CSS/JS code is now capable of doing lots of neat stuff. But not everyone wants to build sample components or UI effects from scratch….


QCon San Francisco runs from November 16th-20th

Software development is a rapidly growing industry with more demand for programmers across the spectrum. Nowadays mobile apps are another huge area that offer career opportunities beyond just websites and desktop programs/enterprise applications. The QCon San Francisco conference is a large gathering of software developers from around the world. The 2015 event runs for a…


Big Data TechCon 2015 in Chicago November 2nd-4th

The Big Data TechCon event will be held for two days from November 2nd-4th in Chicago. It’s a fairly small yet impressive gathering of data folks from database administrators to software engineers. The 2014 conference brought in over 600 people and 2015 is expected to be much larger. Check out the current list of speakers…

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