20 Super Clean Fonts Perfect for Minimal Style Design

By / Jan 13, 2010 / Freebies

Finding the right typeface or font for a design can be a tricky process. So it’s good to have a nice selection of fonts at your disposal. With this article, we’re tying to help you out with that and give you some typographic enjoyment. Here are 20 free fonts that are super clean and would be great to use in your next minimal style design.



Yanone Kaffeesatz


St Transmission – 200 Thin


Jalane Light




Engel Light



Free Fonts


Free Fonts







Museo Sans



Free Fonts

Aurulent Sans




Existence Light


Fontin Sans





Free Fonts



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  • Rich Roat

    Excellent resources to reference! Thank you for researching these and posting them.

    Another fantastic typography site / forum to find exclusive / new and foundry fonts is http://www.pilo.me
    It is the best private typography forum for graphic designers / typographers on the internet with an unbelievable amount of free fonts, premium fonts and exclusive typefaces. I believe it is an invite only site, similar to ffffound and behance, but a little more homegrown, personal and underground, but the content they have available is amazing. I also think it was just voted the best typography forum of 2009. Anyhow, check it out if you want, pilo.me

    Thank you again for the excellent information, long time reader first time poster. I will definitely be bookmarking this!

  • http://www.actus.ee Kaspar Koppelmaa

    Very nice collection, just what i needed.

  • http://www.visualswirl.com/ Chris Thurman

    I’ve got a minimalist design coming up that these would work perfect for. Thanks for the resource Henry!

  • http://www.jordanwalker.net/index.php Jordan Walker

    All of them great fonts!

  • http://www.pulpgirldesigns.com judy

    great list.. thanks

  • http://www.thegraphicdesignreport.com/ emmanuel

    I really love minimalist design and a good font is the key element to achieve it (but it’s true for cluttered design too !).
    The collection presented here is nice and useful, bookmark it !

  • http://underscoreblink.blogspot.com/ _blink

    Great resource, thanks! I’m not sure if you’re open to more, but two that I love are Advent and Caviar Dreams.

  • http://www.whitespark.ca Edmonton Web Design

    Very nice list Henry. Thanks!

    Here are some other, similarly clean and minimal, free fonts that I like:
    Trendex Light SSI
    Eurofurence Light
    Context Reprise Light SSI

    You can get them at dafont.com

  • http://www.damianherrington.co.uk Damian Herrington

    Very nice collection. Hopefully they’ll come in use nicely for up-coming projects.


  • http://www.anubiscreative.com Kevin

    Great set, thanks! Unfortunately Mentone is asking for $90, unless I am mistaken, would love to get it for FREE. Am I missing something?

  • http://mynameisjay.com Jay

    Great post! I’m always looking for good clean fonts.

  • http://bit.ly/5RQv0e Dumm

    nice set. i like Fontin Sans good for my work. thank you very much

  • http://andershaig.com Anders

    Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing new fonts in resources such as this and I have found many this way. But why do I have to go through and download them all individually? If the fonts are 100% free, offer them all in a single zip download as well! :)

    • YouareRetarded

      They are already free, he took the time to find the free ones and put them all on one web page, you have to just go to the links and download and you are still complaining? GTFO.

  • http://www.smashingshare.com Smashing Share

    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing these fonts

  • http://www.greatmindsdesign.com webdesign santa monica

    Great post, its funny how font plays such an important role in the look and feel of a website. The wrong font can throw the whole design out.

  • http://www.haliskaya.com Halis KAYA

    OOooo nice fonts

  • http://devisefunction.com Matthew Heidenreich

    great post. Will definitely use some of these in my next project.

  • olis

    Great post, thx :)
    Also some cleen nice free fonts http://www.fonts2u.com/category.html?id=15

  • http://disordereddesign.com Krystian

    Useful set. Thanks.

  • http://www.denbagus.net denbagus

    nice info… thank you for this

  • http://www.gfxpark.de Patrick Offczorz

    n1. Thanks for this post

  • http://bizdisc.com.au Adam

    Grabbed a few great ones, thanks for posting this! Some aren’t free though… they’re ‘free’

  • kaycm

    Great Great Great !!! i can not find it in my country, thank you very much.

  • vrcatz

    thank you

  • http://trent11hammond.insanejournal.com/483.html Carey Cousens

    Awesome article. Awesome.

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  • http://www.noeljarencio.com noelj

    I would come to need this one day… thanks for posting!

  • http://www.chakriat.com gouthami.b

    Nice collection.As you said every design needs suitable fonts.Some of them really cool

  • Phil

    Can anyone tell me what the font is that was used for the Headline of this post : “20 Super Clean Fonts Perfect for Minimal Style Design”. I’ve been trying to find this font for days! Thanks.

  • http://www.fimedia.ca/solutions/ Calgary Web Design

    Cool collection – I like the Boardwalk example, very simple and clean. Few I prefer and use: Advent, Californian and Trajan Pro

  • http://www.denimgeek.com DG

    Quality post, been looking to use something like this for a series of posters im going to design. Are they available to use and free to download? Cheers

  • http://www.3ddream.net Lampros

    great fonts thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.luizgustavoweb.com/ Luiz Gustavo Web

    Great fonts!