21 Inspiring Examples of Dark Colors in Web Design

By / Jan 30, 2012 / Inspiration

We all know that color is a key aspect of web design, and here at WDL we like to show you how designers are using colors in their projects. We’ve already showcased lists showing colorful websites and sites using white, so today, to keep you inspired around colors and how to use them, we decided to gather a few examples of websites using dark colors.

Nicola Potts

Dark Colors in Web Design

Cantiere delle Marche

Dark Colors in Web Design


Dark Colors in Web Design

Ascension Latorre

Dark Colors in Web Design


Dark Colors in Web Design


Dark Colors in Web Design

Edoardo Leo

Dark Colors in Web Design

The Autumn’s Rain

Dark Colors in Web Design

Scandalous Dirt

Dark Colors in Web Design

mideast tunes

Dark Colors in Web Design


Dark Colors in Web Design

Pioneer Steez

Dark Colors in Web Design

Azure Stoneworks

Dark Colors in Web Design

Under the Psycamore

Dark Colors in Web Design

Hello Cihan

Dark Colors in Web Design


Dark Colors in Web Design

Angelo Studio

Dark Colors in Web Design


Dark Colors in Web Design


Dark Colors in Web Design

Marco Pizzichemi

Dark Colors in Web Design

Josh Sullivan

Dark Colors in Web Design


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  • http://www.oldworldcreative.com Evan Skuthorpe

    Some nice designs. Not sure Soup is a dark site though 😉

  • http://www.sohailtech.com Sohail Amir

    Some good examples here!

  • http://www.lpgwales.com LPG Wales

    Josh Sullivan is a great looking website!

  • http://www.attitudedesign.co.uk Attitude Design | Graphic Design Portfolio

    Interesting concept for a post and some great website examples – many thanks!

  • http://www.sketchgraphx.com Chris Allen

    Some great examples for sure. I was definitely quite taken with the clean and approachable design of Nicola Potts’ website. Beautifully done!

  • http://www.perich.com Perich

    If you are interested in another great dark website our agency just went live with an updated look and feel. I’d love to get your feed back on the site.

  • http://www.webhostdesignpost.com Carry

    Great examples, all of them but I fell in love with that Ascension Latorre website, wow.

  • http://androcid.com prajyotm

    Great post :) the examples are phenomenal

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Dark is not my preferite colours in the net but I see some particolar interesting design here! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.northsparkstudios.com Michael

    I still prefer white space over black space, but this collection is stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://www.fantasticsams.com Mark

    As usual nice collection of sites. As a suggestion for a future article, how about–I don’t know how you’d say it–but, sites that are _mostly_ dark but with splashes of color–like Lushtea, dataveyes, cjs etc?

  • http://www.samanthawong.ca/ Samantha

    Nice collection. Definitely shows a great variey in layout and styles using dark colors. Thanks for putting this together!

  • http://www.smartframeworkbd.com Smart Framework

    amazing color concept with great example.

  • http://www.alvipixels.com Web Design Huddersfield

    Most of the designs are on black bacground, where dark colour web design background could be other than black; I mean some dark shades of other colours.

  • http://blendingcolours.eu St Albans Graphics

    OK, lots of examples of no contrast – one of the crucial basics in any design, involving text and readability.

  • http://www.stormstudios.co.uk Simon France

    Inspired by these sites, my last project has been designed along these lines. And I must say it does look quite cool, or so the client keeps saying! Am I aloud to put links on here? I would love some feedback.

  • http://www.chromatixdigital.com.au/ Web Design Melbourne

    Very aesthetically and tastefully designed. Azure Stoneworks swept me off my feet.

  • http://www.sweetmag.my Web Design Malaysia

    1 year later, Luhseta is still as stunning as ever!