25 Examples of Dark Websites

By / Oct 3, 2011 / Inspiration

Last week we showcased examples of color usage in web design, and this week we will keep the focus on color, but this time around we will showcase examples of dark colors usage in web design. The right amount of dark color can create an elegant and beautiful site, so check out the examples we gathered and give dark color a try on your next project.

War Child

Dark Websites

Kyle Steed

Dark Websites

Ryan Lottering

Dark Websites


Dark Websites

La Bubbly

Dark Websites


Dark Websites

Jet Cooper

Dark Websites


Dark Websites


Dark Websites

Full Frontal

Dark Websites

Barcamp Omaha

Dark Websites

Jorge Rigabert

Dark Websites


Dark Websites


Dark Websites


Dark Websites


Dark Websites

Kitchen Sink Studios

Dark Websites

Kings of Mambo

Dark Websites

From the Rough

Dark Websites


Dark Websites


Dark Websites

Tom, Dick & Harry

Dark Websites

Nike SB

Dark Websites


Dark Websites


Dark Websites



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  • http://stealthwd.ca Cara

    Bravo! There are so many corporate people what shy away from the darker websites – these are prime examples of how it’s done right!

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    In some case like “42Angels” “workdiary.de” “CoFinery” the dark site is the best solution. Nice collection and ispiration. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.climaxmedia.com/ Climax Media

    I really dig the JUX website. Creative use of space. Nice and simple.

  • http://www.moritzotto.de Moritz

    Wow! Mike Kus did awesome work on “War Child”.

  • http://www.danwellman.co.uk Dan

    Fullfrontal? It’s an epic site, lovely design, brilliant strategy, etc, but dark?

  • http://www.kitchensinkstudios.com Kitchen Sink Studios

    Great post. Thanks for featuring us!

  • http://www.NickYeoman.com Nick Yeoman

    I’m a freelance web developer, my site is light on dark (click my name above). I think it’s worthy for this list, is it not?

  • http://www.getlucid.net/blog/ Kim Phillips

    Very dramatic…only works when there’s very little copy.

  • http://hooppps.com Michael Parenteau

    Thanks for featuring hooppps… it is an honor to be up there with some of the other sites you featured!

  • http://cirquedumot.com Susan Silver

    What I really like about all these examples is that it shows you can use more than Black, White, and Gray. You can achieve contrast with other colors, and I think it is very stimulating to see a blue, red, orange, yellow etc. every once in awhile.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/nyameh94 Aldo

    Wow! Those are some great looking dark sites!

  • http://www.design-galaxie.de Design Galaxie

    Verry nice collection, I use black on my page as well, its challenging but the reward can be big.

  • http://www.oldworldcreative.com Web design london – Evan Skuthorpe

    Some very cool examples, I agree with Susan about splashes of colour really standing out when used sparingly.

  • http://tenml.com Tenml

    i like the yellow and black one..
    It very simple and nice.

  • http://webcreationtips.com Abe

    A nice collection of dark websites.
    I liked ‘Jet Cooper’ and ’36Creative’.

  • http://andrewbeckdesign.com Andrew Beck

    Warchild and 42 Angels. Excellent choices. Thanks.

  • http://36creative.com Trent Sanders

    Hey, that’s great to be listed here…thanks much. In a line-up with a bunch of talent.

    Good work everyone…love to get to know the work that is coming out along side the talent on our team (that’s not me…I’m a boring business development guy).

  • http://www.creativefruition.in/ Creative Fruition

    Nice Stuff…

  • http://www.savorweb.com SavorWeb

    We like to provide our clients with one dark and one light design for their website direction (if it makes sense for their product or service). It seems like most prefer darker websites – not sure why.