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PowerPoint Templates

15 Original Templates for PowerPoint in 2019

Despite the fierce competition that has emerged over the past few years, PowerPoint remains one of the most used programs to make presentations. But, on many occasions, we spend too much time thinking and creating an original and attractive design for our presentation. Therefore, we came up with a list of some of the most…

Fluent Design System - Material

Microsoft Is Redesigning Windows 10 And We Love It

Although Microsoft revealed a lot during its Build developer conference that took place in Seattle last week, for the developers, the most expected news was the announcement of the Windows 10’s biggest UI refresh:  Windows 10 “Fall Creators Update”. As the name implies, this update will come up later this year; because Microsoft didn’t want…

Top 14 Companies To Work For In 2017 As a Graphic Designer

A completely satisfactory career that ensures both personal growth and financial fulfillment is the aim of most of working people, although, unfortunately, only few can attain this seemingly impossible goal. According to management and motivation specialists, job satisfaction is triggered by a series of factors, like: achievement, recognition (rewards), responsibility, advancement, low stress, work-life balance,…


Microsoft Visual Studio Code Reaches 1.0

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code has recently reached its 1.0 release. Over the course of past few months, Microsoft has been trying hard to provide a stable and robust performance in Visual Studio Code, with numerous bug fixes and performance upgrades. 

Bing Unveils its New Search API

Recently, Bing announced the launch of its new search API. The new API, standing at version 5, comes with a lot of new functionality and features meant for developers. 


Affinity Shall Soon be Available on Windows

Affinity, the popular set of creative apps, shall soon be available for Windows users as well. So far, Affinity apps were available only for Mac users. As per the official announcement, Affinity have already developed an alpha build of their software that has been running on Windows successfully. As such, in a couple of months…


Microsoft Releases its Deep-Learning Toolkit on GitHub

Microsoft has recently announced that its Computational Network Toolkit is now fully open source and accessible to anyone who might have an interest in it. The Computational Network Toolkit, commonly known as CNTK, is something that Microsoft’s engineers evolved and developed in-house, as a form of artificial intelligence, to enable Windows devices to understand and…

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