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As the economy develops, our world has been thick with commercials and advertisements. However, not all the advertisements have worked as well as what the advertisers thought. After all, no one wants to read a boring paragraph or a long list about the promoted product. It’s the creativity in the ads that can capture the attention of an audience.

Here’s a collection of stunning and creative advertisements found at the Creative Ad Awards – a new ads collecting website that features the most creative ads from the world.

Awaken The Employee Of The Month That Lives Inside You

creative ads

A Brown So Natural – Brown Hair

creative ads

Game Boy Micro – Bug

creative ads

Air Suction Range Hood

creative ads

Designer Ice Cream

creative ads

Electric Torch Bait

creative ads

Harley Davidson – Eric Black

creative ads

Think About What It Consumes Before Buying

creative ads

If You Don’t Help Feed Them,Who Will?

creative ads

The Softness of Surf

creative ads

Feel When Playing Rugby

creative ads

Careful What You Think

creative ads

Fly Manta Arrived to More Places In Ecuador

creative ads

Tetris Returns

creative ads

4Motoin. Get to The Jobs Others Can’t

creative ads

Help Yourself

creative ads

Don’t Let Your Hero Down

creative ads

Baron Davis

creative ads

Blend In

creative ads

We Put Anything On Paper

creative ads

Tu Comida Se Va A Poner Mas Buena

creative ads

To Put an End to Endless Pain. Make A Donation

creative ads

Dog Training Lessons

creative ads

Pour Into Cup

creative ads

Lst Lhr Stromanbieter Auch Zu Gierig

creative ads

The Best Selling Spices in The World. McCormick, Spread The Good Stuff

creative ads

Read A Book On The Bus And Be Miles Away

creative ads

Unfortunately The Beach Doesn’t Clean Itself

creative ads

If There’s One Thing I’ve Learnt

creative ads

Mr Muscle

creative ads

It’s Time For A Touch of Spring Cleaning

creative ads

Do You Know How Much You Really Spend On Cigarettes?

creative ads

Makes Stains Look Harmless

creative ads

If You Have Known A Place With VS You Have Known It Deeply

creative ads

Most Wanted Brands

creative ads

The Blackberry Pearl Is Now Faster Than Ever

creative ads

Viking Lawn Mowers. Nothing Cuts Grass Better.

creative ads

Milano Ashtanga Yoga

creative ads

Yo Sushi

creative ads

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      Thanks for pointing that out Nick. They’ve been corrected.

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    Hey, I think the ‘Lst ‘Lhr’ is supposed to be ‘Ist Ihr’ (ist ihr) – German for ‘Is Your electricity plug/supplier also too greedy?’ :)

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