11 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products

Jun 18, 2010 / Freebies

Think about all the tools you use each day to do your job. Chances are, more than one of them are made by Google. Google puts out great products that help us perform our daily tasks. Whether it be email, creating docs, or communicating with clients and colleagues, there seems to be a Google service…

10 jQuery Plugins and Techniques for Doing More with Images

Jun 17, 2010 / Resources

When we see an image on a web page, it’s second nature for us to move our mouse over it or try to click it. We have come to expect some level of interactivity when it comes to images, especially with modern web design technologies, such as jQuery. If you happen to be working on…

Our Premium Content: Eleven Months Later

Jun 16, 2010 / Updates

Eleven months ago we launched WDL Premium, and it’s been a huge success for our members, our premium partners, and us. If you’ve not heard about our premium membership, it’s a way for us to bring you high-quality design files and other goodies from top companies. It’s truly been a win – win – win…

WDL Premium: Grungy Wall Textures

Jun 16, 2010 / Premium

Today we’re giving our WDL Premium members a premium texture pack from PremiumTextures.com. These grungy wall textures are a great way to give a design a worn and weathered look. They’re ideal for quickly adding a lot of detail and interest to a large area such as a website background. There are 12 high resolution…

15 Fresh and Useful Photoshop Tutorials

Jun 15, 2010 / Tutorials

Part of being a designer is keeping your skills sharp and up-to-date. Skills may span a broad range of tools, but probably the most used tool of all designers is Photoshop. In this post, we’ve collected 15 fresh and useful Photoshop tutorials to help you brush up on your skills and learn new techniques. The…

48 Examples of Excellent Layout in Web Design

Jun 14, 2010 / Inspiration

In these days where we stay in front of our computers for hours and hours working, browsing around, reading our stuff and enjoying the wonders of the web, there is something we do really care about, content organization or, if you rather say, a good user experience. There is nothing better than opening a perfectly organized and readable website… a page where the layout invites you to browse the site’s content.

33 Beautiful Examples of Sunrise Photography

Jun 11, 2010 / Inspiration

Sadly, the most beautiful part of the day occurs before many people wake up, but thank goodness there are those early rising photographers. They’re willing to set the alarm clock a bit early in order to capture the beauty of a sunrise so others can see. In this post, we’ve rounded up 33 beautiful examples…

30 Typography Focused Logo Designs

Jun 10, 2010 / Inspiration

We frequently talk about typography here at WDL. Whether it be in web design or print design, typography plays a big part in making or breaking a design, especially if the design’s main focus is typography. In this post we are showcasing 30 typography focused logo designs. In these logos you won’t find any icons…

WDL Premium: Rocky Icon Set from IconDock

Jun 9, 2010 / Premium

Today we’re giving our WDL Premium Members a beautiful set of icons from IconDock. The Rocky Icon Set consists of 290 minimal style icons. They are perfect for buttons, user interfaces, mobile apps, and more. This set is a 16 x 16px optimized version of the Rocky vector set, which is available at IconDock.

11 UI Kits for iPhone and iPad Development

Jun 8, 2010 / Freebies

Last week we posted a collection of printable wireframing templates which included some for iPhone and iPad app design. These are great for communicating early mockups and ideas, but when it’s time for those ideas to make the jump from paper to the computer screen, it’s helpful to have a library of UI elements at…