Vector Wi-Fi Connection Icons Freebie

Vectors are the best file types to use for UI design because they scale to any size without quality loss. This particular icon set created by Vecteezy features mobile connections & wi-fi signals from many devices in the modern flat style.


Top Free CSS3 Code Generators

Newer online tools & webapps allow developers to create rapid websites without manually writing each individual line of code. Frontend development is one area that has seen a lot of growth in the way of frameworks & code libraries.


23 Free Textures for your Projects

Here at WDL we like to gather resources to our readers because we know designers need as much material they can get to keep their designs fresh and beautiful. Since textures can add a lot of style, depth and personality to a design today we decided to gather a new round of free textures to […]


WordPress.Org Vs WordPress.Com: Which Is Better?

Ah, the age old rivalries: Coke vs. Pepsi, Apple vs. Microsoft, WordPress.Org vs. WordPress.Com. If you’re new to the world of WordPress, you may be confused about the two versions of WordPress. If you’re anything like me, you arrived at WordPress.com ready to set up your blog, and ended up confused. You’d heard so much […]