10+ Most Useful and Trusted WordPress Plugins

It’s pretty challenging to choose proper WordPress plugins for managing your website from the hundreds of available ones. It’s even harder for WordPress newbies! However, you now have a chance to go through a handpicked collection of the best multipurpose WordPress plugins. They will help you optimize your site in a matter of a minute…

Spring fonts

Spring fonts that will make you as fresh as a daisy

Soon, the daisies will be in full bloom, and we can finally hang up that winter coat. As we enter these final phases of winter, it’s time that we start thinking about our Spring projects. Of course, no Spring project is complete without Spring fonts, but where do you even begin? Right here, of course!…


Firefox Has a Rebrand in the Works

Even though most of us use Google Chrome nowadays, and maybe even Explorer for those of us that are little more patient, Firefox is still a common and recognizable name. That’s right, Firefox. In recent news, Firefox has a complete rebranding in the works. We’re not just talking about a new logo and a catchy…

Real Estate Website Design

Tips for the Best Real Estate Website Design

What makes a good website? Depending on what industry you’re in, or your preferences, that answer may be a little different from person to person. There are a few key factors that make up a good website, but depending on the experience the owner is trying to give the audience, it’s never quite the same….

design fails

Worst design fails, and how to avoid them

Within the world of the internet, there are many great things. You can order food, shop in your underwear, and connect with people from all over the world right from your living room. Unfortunately, with these amazing things comes some pretty terrible things, too. Today, we’re going to be focusing on some of the worst…

20 Cool Free Paper Textures to Download

Textures are a useful design element which is widely used across the internet. They can be used as a background to enhance existing design, to highlight typography and make buttons visible. Textures have a fantastic power to make your project more exciting and creative. In this collection, we have put together 20 cool free paper…

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