11 Excellent Solutions for Creating Tooltips

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Tooltips in web design are becoming more and more commonplace. Even though I don’t think they are appropriate for every type of site, they can be a very useful addition when implemented correctly. If you are planning on using tooltips in your next project, the hardest part may be choosing the right solution.

Here are 11 excellent methos for creating tooltips using various solutions such as jQuery, MooTools, and CSS only.

Prototip 2

Prototip 2

Easiest Tooltip and Image Preview Using jQuery

Easiest Tooltip and Image Preview Using jQuery



Coda Popup Bubbles

Coda Popup Bubbles

MooTools 1.2 Tooltips: Customize Your Tips

MooTools 1.2 Tooltips: Customize Your Tips

Duplicate the jQuery Homepage Tooltips Using MooTools

Duplicate the jQuery Homepage Tooltips Using MooTools

jQuery Ajax Tooltip

jQuery Ajax Tooltip

CSS Bubble Tooltips

CSS Bubble Tooltips

Easy CSS Tooltip

Easy CSS Tooltip





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    Antoher great one by the writer of simpleTip is qTip (jQuery):

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    I did a Top 10 on this for jQuery only – check it out http://www.reynoldsftw.com/2009/03/10-excellent-tooltip-plugins-with-jquery/

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