Tag: AI

AI Designers, Making Digital Branding Accessible to Everyone

Just as technology has over-simplified common man’s life, it has equally had a far reaching impact on modern industries across the sector. This impact has been so powerful that we don’t have to try too hard to search for examples. For instance, a cursory glance into the sporadic growth of telecommunication sector during last few…

Artificial Intelligence – Threat Or Opportunity For Web Designers?

The race to develop Artificial intelligence (AI) is well and truly on. Tech giants, such as Google (leaders by some margin according to Web of Science), Facebook and Microsoft are keen to profit from the AI gold rush. Hundreds of smaller companies are following in their wake, all looking for a slice of the action….

Mutative Design: design methodology to keep users engaged for a lifetime

Meet project Phoebe, a design concept introduced a the first iteration of mutative design, a design methodology that would UI be created and evolve according to a user. with mutative design interfaces would evolve or “mutate” independent on the user’s need or actions. The design could change and be affected by whether the user’s vision,…

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