July 14, 2024

AI Designers, Making Digital Branding Accessible to Everyone

Just as technology has over-simplified common man’s life, it has equally had a far reaching impact on modern industries across the sector. This impact has been so powerful that we don’t have to try too hard to search for examples. For instance, a cursory glance into the sporadic growth of telecommunication sector during last few decades and how it positively impacted several industries is good enough to suggest the true impact of technology.

Now most technology experts are expecting almost similar kind of impact from Artificial Intelligence – better known as ‘AI.’ Currently, the hype around AI is so huge that every day millions of startups are founded with the promise to build effective AI tools and software applications. These AI enabled applications that are being painstakingly designed are expected to change the way we humans live our lives.

Now the question is if AI is expected to have such a profound impact on human life, then why would something as important as ‘branding’ would remain immune from its impact. The answer is it ‘cannot.’ In fact, AI has already started making waves in the branding world and this impact can be felt most in the area of logo designing – the most critical area of branding. Now, this is certainly likely to raise many eyebrows as many people still believe that AI cannot automate creative work. But the truth is AI has the potential to churn out good and flawless creative work just as we humans can.

AI Designers and Logos

Today many AI designers and AI-enabled designing tools are revolutionizing the way several creative agencies are making their logos. Simply put, today advertising agencies have been spared from straining their brains as all the tough creative tasks are easily handled by AI designing software. Most designing software effortlessly pulls precise information from the available complex data and then combines them with industry specific characteristics. While designing software carries out this complex process with a lot of precision, the end result (i.e. logo) is just as accurate.

This is to say that AI designed logos are found to be more impressive and hence have a high chance of resonating with the target audience. This efficiency is due to the fact that most designing software is fully capable of understanding the latest trends in logo designing and can also flawlessly implement them in the designing process. And this is just some of the benefits of logo designing software when compared with usual alternatives.

While the efficiency of AI designer software is praiseworthy, their user-friendly interface deserves an equal amount of praise. Today many logo designing softwares offer options that enable users to easily choose the font style, logo type, writing styles, color etc. This obviously has over-simplified the logo designing process.

AI Designers Are Set to Improve Further.

One may very well argue that AI designers with all its abilities to create perfect logo are still in its nascent stage. But there is no doubt that this gap will be closed earlier than expected.

For instance, we will soon have AI designers that can precisely gauge complicated human emotions – as precisely as advertising professionals can. This revolutionary development will certainly enable logo designing software to create logos that can easily connect with their target audience. Furthermore, a lot of effort is being made to develop more intelligent AI chatbot to facilitate discussions with clients. If successful, this will greatly reduce creative agencies’ dependence on client servicing professionals.  This certainly appears to be in the realm of possibility, given that Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant have already set an impressive benchmark on this front.

AI Designers Will Truly Democratize Branding

AI designers will equally have a phenomenal impact on the economics of branding. This is to say that it will drastically bring down the cost of logo designing. A situation that will augur well for small agencies and freelancers. For decades small agencies and freelancers were forced to stretch their shoestring budgets in a bid to hire a good logo designer. Something that left them quite financially vulnerable, while big agencies had no problem in hiring one.

But AI designers with its affordable costing are all set to change this unfair game for once and all. The end of this unfair game will bring much needed level playing field and customers/clients are also bound to benefit from this fair game.


Most industry experts have already given a foregone conclusion that AI designers will have an unprecedented impact on online branding. More than anything else, it will make branding more accessible. Accessible not only in economic terms alone but also in over-simplification of the branding process. Simply put, AI designers will help in saving a lot of time, money, human efforts and add a lot of efficiency in logo designing. We most certainly will have to brace for a new chapter in the world of branding – all thanks to AI designers.

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