Tag: Bing

Bing Unveils its New Search API

Recently, Bing announced the launch of its new search API. The new API, standing at version 5, comes with a lot of new functionality and features meant for developers. 

Microsoft’s Bing Has A New Logo

The world’s second most popular search engine has a new logo. Yes, Microsoft recently unveiled a new logo for Bing. The new logo has abandoned the erstwhile yellow and is now green in color. This is the second change in logo of Bing ever since its birth in 2009 — the first change came in…

The Latest Statistics Proving the Validity of UX Design

User Experience (UX) is not a new concept, it has been a working part of some of the greatest and most successful design, especially when it comes to digital design. Weather it be mobile apps, websites, software or anything involving a user’s interaction, the experience should always be taken in mind. In our recent interview…

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