May 28, 2024

Bing Unveils its New Search API

Recently, Bing announced the launch of its new search API. The new API, standing at version 5, comes with a lot of new functionality and features meant for developers. 

Among other things, the new Bing search API version 5 features:

  • Ability to search millions of web pages, images, videos, news and other media
  • Focus on trending topics such as news, images and videos
  • Ability to filter images and videos in terms of license, resolution or size, style or pricing
  • Tools such as spell checker
  • Features to demarcate adult or NSFW content in search results
  • Better suggestions for search inputs.

Here is a handy fact sheet that compares the new Bing search API with the older one:


The new API is RESTful, keeping in sync with the current development practices. You can learn more about the Bing search API version 5 on this page.

Sufyan bin Uzayr is a writer, developer, and coffee-lover. He has authored several books and writes for various publications. You can learn more about his work at his website.

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