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Guide for Code Terminology and Capability

What code should I learn is a popular infographic that gives newbie developers a visual guide to choosing a new language to learn. We believe it also comes in handy for web designers who are sometimes less knowledgeable of the multitude of code languages, terminology and in-depth capability of certain languages. For web designers, it…

Learn Flexbox in 5 Minutes with this Handy Webapp

The general idea of Flexbox makes sense to most developers, however shoddy browser support and confusing syntax makes it difficult to implement. But what if there were a way to really nail down the concepts of Flexbox quickly & easily? Well thanks to flexbox in 5 minutes, there is! That website is perfect for teaching…

Tips for Optimizing Stereotypical Landing Page Designs

Are you doing everything right and still striving to get results? Are users still abandoning your landing page? Do you think that you are not getting enough results from the money which you are spending on your pay per click campaigns? In this post we will discuss some of the most useful tips to optimize…

Definitive Guide to Integrate MailChimp and WordPress

Founded in 2001, MailChimp has now “7 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails through the service each month”.  MailChimp is an email marketing and newsletter service functioning well. It helps the users to collect email addresses, store the email addresses and carry out an email marketing campaign. Maintaining a long list of…

Landing Page Design Trends for Apps & Desktop Programs

Websites for desktop programs and mobile apps serve one primary function: to increase downloads. These websites can also include information regarding program support and updates, but primarily developers want to increase retention rate among users.

Custom Grid Design for Structured Website Mockups

The best print and digital designers are those who can master the use of grids. In many cases it’s possible to forego the grid, but you’ll generally create higher-quality work if you learn the rules of grid structure and composition.

Introduction to Style Tiles for Web Design

Every designer should be familiar with the inner workings of a style guide. These guides are little print booklets or digital PDFs that contain information about a company’s brand, identity, color scheme, and other similar features.

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