July 18, 2024

Guide for Code Terminology and Capability

What code should I learn is a popular infographic that gives newbie developers a visual guide to choosing a new language to learn. We believe it also comes in handy for web designers who are sometimes less knowledgeable of the multitude of code languages, terminology and in-depth capability of certain languages. For web designers, it is just as handy to have this What Code Should I Learn Infographic on hand to have a basic understanding for code languages and their use.

Javascript PHP

It’s also a great reference if you are considering making the investment in learning new code. It offers everything from a salary guide, its origin, and the most common uses for the code. View the full infographic for a complete overview. Share a new fact you learned, or any additional knowledge you think is missing from the infographic in the comments below.

C++ Objective C Python Ruby SQL

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