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intense multipurpose website template

Intense or Not Intense: It Is Hardly a Question [Multipurpose Website Template]

The concept of a multipurpose website template from TemplateMonster has won the world rather quickly. The popularity of web templates can be explained by many factors that are connected both with programmers and non-programmers. For a programmer, a multipurpose website template means less sleepless nights, less dirty job (meaning hand coding), and surprisingly more clients…

25 Responsive HTML5 Templates for Personal and Business Websites

If you are in search of a well-built and professionally designed HTML5 template for your personal or business project, then go no further. In a compilation listed below we have highlighted 25 of the most popular and freshly released responsive HTML5 templates for 2016. Their visual appeal and the abundance of features will please both…


Speedtest.net Moving Towards HTML5

Speedtest.net is one of the most popular services for checking the speed of your internet connection. Thus far, the interface has relied on Adobe Flash to perform the test. However, all of that is going to change soon, as the service is planning to abandon Flash in favor of HTML5.

ICYMI: Weekly Ledger 2

In case you missed it: last week’s top web design news compiled by web designers for web designers only on WebDesignLedger.com. This Week in Web Design Anonymous Releases “NoobGuide” to Encourage Involvement in #OPParis Three “NoobGuides” have been published on the IRC Channel, used by Anonymous to share information, to recruit people and promote involvement in…

Web Design Inspiration: Zendesk

Zendesk uses some pretty fun design element in their current website design. A particular favorite is their awesome use of HTML5 to create a full page video header. The header adds an amazing visual-impact. With HTML5 it’s now easier to use video to engage the visitor and when used creatively can give a great visual impact….

HTML5 Sets New Standards for Web Advertisers

Now that Flash is officially dead since Apple and Google have decided to no longer support it, HTML has room to take over. Despite being mostly irrelevant in the web design space, Flash was still seen in the online advertising space. Recently, The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has published guidelines on an international standard that set…

Guide for Code Terminology and Capability

What code should I learn is a popular infographic that gives newbie developers a visual guide to choosing a new language to learn. We believe it also comes in handy for web designers who are sometimes less knowledgeable of the multitude of code languages, terminology and in-depth capability of certain languages. For web designers, it…

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