July 18, 2024

ICYMI: Weekly Ledger 2


In case you missed it: last week’s top web design news compiled by web designers for web designers only on WebDesignLedger.com.

This Week in Web Design

Anonymous Releases “NoobGuide” to Encourage Involvement in #OPParis
Three “NoobGuides” have been published on the IRC Channel, used by Anonymous to share information, to recruit people and promote involvement in #OpParis.

Card-Design Tinder

Card Design Is Taking Over
Commonly referred to as tiles, or The Stack, it is dominating design due to its ease of use and familiarity.

HTML5 Sets New Standards for Web Advertisers
Now that Flash is officially dead since Apple and Google have decided to no longer support it, HTML has room to take over.

HTML5 replacing Flash

16 Best YouTube Channels To Start Learning Web Development
In this compilation, we’re featuring some of the best Youtube channels you can go back to over and over again, to learn a variety of aspects to do with web development.

A Positive Approach to Keeping Up With Design Tools
For designers and developers the amount of information associated with the latest and greatest is so vast, it can fuel a form of anxiety.

tech tools 2

State of Web Design: Chile | NOUPE
In our series on the state of web design in countries throughout the globe, we are proud to present you the design industry of Chile today.

New Google+ Helps People Discover More of What They Love
The update’s primary focus will be on communities and collections.

Church converted into web design office
The firm BBVH converted the worn out structure into offices for the web design firm acato as well as two apartments.

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