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Your key to success as a designer: These tools and resources

For better or for worse, technology rules the day for most web designers. It usually takes money to compete for more money, whether it’s in business or in poker. Similarly, it takes technology to compete in a field like a web design. Here, technical skills, resources, tools, or a combination of the three are necessary….

Probably The Best Web Tools & Services For 2017

Are you testing over and over web tools and services to find the best ones? You can stop it as we’ve made the job for you and we are eager to present you probably the best web tools and services for 2017. You will find the most appreciated WordPress themes, a premium WordPress Signature Plugin,…


Sketch 3.7.2 Has Been Released

Sketch, the popular design tool for Mac users, has just released its newest version 3.7.2 Sketch 3.7.2 comes with several new features and bug fixes.


Affinity Shall Soon be Available on Windows

Affinity, the popular set of creative apps, shall soon be available for Windows users as well. So far, Affinity apps were available only for Mac users. As per the official announcement, Affinity have already developed an alpha build of their software that has been running on Windows successfully. As such, in a couple of months…

Sketch 3.6 Comes With Better SVG Support

Sketch 3.6 is already here, and it comes with better text rendering and SVG improvements. This update is free for existing Sketch users, so yeah, you have no reason not to download it. But just in case you are wondering what can Sketch 3.6 do for you, well, here it is!


Sketch 3.4.4 is Now Available for Download

Sketch, the popular design app for Mac, has released a new version — Sketch 3.4.4 Sketch 3.4.4 comes with several new bug fixes and enhancements. For instance, it now offers an updated iOS App Icon Template, and has also improved compatibility with corporate installers and their code signature. Furthermore, the SketchTool has been improved, and…

ICYMI: Weekly Ledger 4

In case you missed it: last week’s top web design news compiled by web designers for web designers only on WebDesignLedger.com. This Week in Web Design Be Careful About These 6 Web Design Trends in 2016 Trends in web design, like fashion trends, come and go. Sometimes trends are dictated by necessity (like responsive design). Other…

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