June 19, 2024
intense multipurpose website template

Intense or Not Intense: It Is Hardly a Question [Multipurpose Website Template]

The concept of a multipurpose website template from TemplateMonster has won the world rather quickly. The popularity of web templates can be explained by many factors that are connected both with programmers and non-programmers. For a programmer, a multipurpose website template means less sleepless nights, less dirty job (meaning hand coding), and surprisingly more clients (we all know that clients do not like waiting). For a non-programmer, a web template from TemplateMonster is basically the only way to become an integral part of the web world. In addition, due to the 24/7 Support Team and affordable prices everyone can get a blog, a portfolio, or an online-shop that is fully customizable, speed- and SEO-optimized.

You would ask – what else can you ask for if everything is already this perfect? You would be surprised to know that there is the web template from TemplateMonster that is literally a programming wonder. And this wonder is called Intense. Designed as the first multipurpose website template, it got so popular that TemplateMonster has decided to create 10 more Intense-based templates. By the way, there is a rumor that TemplateMonster is not going to stop at number 10.

What is So Special About The Intense Multipurpose Website Template?

The answer is simple – everything. It could be said that the main unique feature of the Intense multipurpose website templates is their flexibility. It means that every Intense template can be easily transformed into 30 personal blogs, 20 different portfolios, or 10 authentic online-shops. Feel free to correct us, but as far as we know, this is the only template that can boast such flexibility.

What is also fantastic about the Intense multipurpose website template is the unbelievable amount of customizable elements that you can adjust to your needs. Numbers speak for themselves – 250+ HTML pages, 13 header and 4 footer styles, 60+ reusable elements, 2000+ Font Icons, 190+ PSD files and lots of other cool things. All this in one template. Outstanding, right?

One more breathtaking detail is that buying an Intense template means that you automatically sign up for the lifetime free updates from TemplateMonster. Knowing how productive the TemplateMonster programmers could be, there is a high chance that you would not need to wait for a long time before you see a better version of your Intense template. Yes, it is almost impossible to imagine that Intense could be better than it is now. But as people say, there is no end to perfection.

As one can see, the Intense templates is a profitable investment no matter what type of a website you are planning to launch. Or how well you know the latest trends in web development, or how big your expectations are. Also, Intense fits into any budget (see for yourself the prices for an individual Intense template or for the whole pack), into any company image and size. Enjoy the Intense multipurpose website template and choose the new look for your web project!

Chief Intense Template

This template has quickly become a bestseller due to its practical potential and amazing design. With Chief Intense your future website is equipped with all necessary tools not only to survive but also to thrive in the Internet world. While the valid semantic code, the parallax scrolling and the extended Bootstrap toolkit help this template to maintain its leading role in the Intense template family.

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template

Details | Demo

Look and Love Multipurpose Website Template

The main goal of this template for photographers is to concentrate all your visitors’ attention on your content. This is achieved thanks to the clever choice of colors and easy-to-use navigation. Also, the valid semantic code ensures that your portfolio loads quickly so your customers could be more than satisfied when visiting your site. Let Look and Love do all the job while you are taking breathtaking photos!

Photographer Site Template

Details | Demo

A Better Place Website Template

This template is designed the way your customers would want it to be designed. The white background that adds emphasis on your goods, different types of galleries with the photos that can stir anyone’s imagination. And social media buttons that help you to enlarge your clientele daily – this is what A Better Place offers. Finally selling property has never been easier!

Real Estate Agency Website Template

Details | Demo

Tasty Intense Template

All your visitors will be absolutely stunned when using your website for the first time. First of all designed as a restaurant template, Tasty Intense represents the whole new approach to food industry. Being ultra responsive and cross-browser compatible, this template offers limitless possibilities for creativity. Moreover, this templates can guarantee that your restaurant is as busy as it could ever possibly be.

European Restaurant Web Template

Details | Demo

Hard-working Multipurpose Website Template

If you need a job portal with the modern design and practical layout, then Hard-working is waiting for you. Equipped with the powerful search engine, this template allows your clients to find the jobs or employees of their dreams in no time. Due to the smart combination of black and white in the background accompanied by green highlights, your site looks positive and approachable.

Employment Responsive Web Template

Details | Demo

Intense Blogger Template

This template effectively uses the white color as a means to attract all the attention of your visitors to your thoughts and experience. Cute social icons help your blog get more popular on the web. The minimalist design is combined with the best functionality ever and extraordinary technical features.

Personal Blog Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Energy Inside Multipurpose Website Template

Looking powerful and ambitious, this template possesses all the qualities that the Intense family can be so proud of. The fully responsive slider, the speed optimisation and social feed widgets create the unforgettable image of your sports center. The drop-down menu helps your website look well-organized and clean.

Gym Equipment Website Template

Details | Demo

Hand in Hand Template

This template is aimed at small businesses that deal with handicraft. Warm colors and the user-friendly layout of this template evoke an interest of your clients from all over the world. Also, sliced PSD and the drop-down menu look smart and welcoming.

Hobby Supplies Website Template

Details | Demo

Play Intense Multipurpose Website Template

This particular template is created to suit the need for fresh and cute websites for kids’ goods. The absolutely charming color scheme harmonizes with cute Google Fonts. In addition being SEO-optimized, this template can quickly turn your web project into a profitable business.

Child Care Center Website Template

Details | Demo

Heal Multipurpose Website Template

You can definitely rely on this template if you are planning to launch a successful medical business. Because of easy-to-navigate and cross-browser compatible, Heal can boast great practical potential. Furthermore, your clients know where to find you if needed thanks to the smart use of Google Maps and the fresh-looking Contact form. The sticky navigation bar and the back-to-top button help your visitors to find the information they need in no time.

Dentist Site Template

Details | Demo

Money Talks Multipurpose Website Template

This template is designed for consulting companies of different budgets, types, and sizes. The combination of the green background and yellow spots create the image of stability and prosperity. Moreover, being speed-optimized, Money Talks makes sure that your clients enjoy visiting your site.

Financial Consultant Website Template

Details | Demo

In addition, you can find out more about Intense and other newest creations of TemplateMonster on the TemplateMonster Youtube Channel.

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