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White space

White space and action buttons – 3 UX rules to perfect design

Studies have shown that the first impression a user gets when visiting a site is strictly influenced by the design of the page they are reaching. Design is a very subjective element, just like user preferences. Using these elements, some UX rules have been created. If we abide by these rules, we can pretty much…

Using Contrast to Design Crisp Website Layouts

Composition and balance are two major properties of great design work. Contrast often accompanies these two visual properties where the designer creates certain areas that draw more attention than others.

How to Create Perfect White Space in Web/UI Design

Web UI design is built upon many common repeatable patterns and best practices, but not many  “carved in stone” rules. Design is an art form, and as such, “good” or “bad” design is often subjective to users. However, there are certainly guidelines derived from design fundamentals that can help designers train their eye to build…

How To Utilize Negative Space in Web Design

There are many fundamental principles of art & design which are crucial for every web designer to understand. One such principle is negative space, also known as white space. The use of white space can be difficult to explain but it’s much more obvious via example.

How to Build an Awesome Website Footer

Let me be the one to say it – building a website footer is one of those “by the way” kind of tasks for many designers. It seems easy. It seems negligible. It seems like it can be left to chance. And there is some strong reasoning behind such a point of view.

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