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Get Faster at Responsive UI Design

Mobile devices like Apple’s latest iPad Pro was released with a larger screen size in hope to compete with the most portable of laptops. The overtake of mobile browsing continues as phone screen get larger influencing both web design and UI. This creates a constant challenge for designers when their canvas changes every year. A…

InVision Motion: An upcoming Animation Tool for UI Prototyping

The world-renowned prototyping tool InVision has consistently been on top of platform updates & new tools for designers. In a recent blog post they’ve announced a new feature called Motion. This will behave as a built-in animation suite for InVision UI prototyping. Whether you’re designing for the web or mobile, animation is sure to be…

Transitioning from Low-Fidelity to High-Fidelity Wireframes

In the context of web design the definition of “fidelity” refers to the level of exactness in which a design is recreated. Low-fidelity wireframes are not very exact and focus more on the general picture. High-fidelity wireframes should feel much more exhaustive in the nature of both design and content. Not all designers like to…

Custom Grid Design for Structured Website Mockups

The best print and digital designers are those who can master the use of grids. In many cases it’s possible to forego the grid, but you’ll generally create higher-quality work if you learn the rules of grid structure and composition.

Getting Started with Low-Fidelity Wireframe Sketches

Most UI designers understand the process of wireframing, yet it still hasn’t caught on as a vital part of the creative process. When you’re new and just getting started in the field preliminary sketches may feel bloated and unnecessary. But once you adapt to wireframing it becomes a fun & adventurous process.

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