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Bluehost Open Sources Script Used To Update WordPress Websites

Bluehost have recently open sourced their in-house script that can be used to automatically update WordPress websites. Sometime back, Bluehost had noticed that majority of support requests and issues related to hacked websites arose from WordPress users who were running obsolete versions of WordPress.

21 Beautiful Non Profit Charity WordPress Theme

When we see the word charity, things come to mind are compassion and love for those who are deprived. The fortunate give of themselves and their resources to assist the poor and the needy. Some help through working with institutions. Others use technology to awaken the awareness of the masses. Even in creating websites, some…


WordPress 4.4.1 is Here

WordPress 4.4 was released in December last year, and now, we have a new security release: WordPress 4.4.1 WordPress 4.4.1 fixes several bugs, but most importantly, it addresses a security issue in the form of a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could make many websites prone to security issues. 


910 New Free WordPress Themes in 2015!

2015 was a good year for WordPress development, as we saw not just the first looks of REST API in WordPress, but also two major versions being released. However, it was also a great year as far as WordPress themes are concerned: in 2015, the WP.org theme review team added and approved the inclusion of…

Reviewing an Emerging Top Seller: Uncode Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

 Uncode is a premium ThemeForest multipurpose theme. Introduced in November 2015, it is has already gained a large following of satisfied users who find it highly innovative in its approach to website building. Like many premium WordPress themes, Uncode features several powerful plugins, including Visual Composer, WooCommerce, and Revolution Slider.  This however, is where any…

Treehouse Have Discontinued WordPress Courses

For quite a while, Team Treehouse has been a popular website for learning new web design and development skills, such as PHP, .NET, JavaScript, WordPress, and so on. Recently, Treehouse has decided to drop its WordPress courses. According to Zac Gordon, one of Treehouse’s (now former) WordPress educators, the website has discontinued all courses related…

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