July 22, 2024

29 Websites using Clean Thin Typography

Typekit and Google Webfonts have paved a new superhighway for web typography. Designers have the option to choose from a growing library of fonts that include all font styles. Thin font families are great for minimalist layouts and spacious areas of content.

Choosing the right font is difficult – and it’s even more difficult to match different fonts together. The websites in this gallery exhibit thin, crisp typographic choices. Design qualities span the gamut from corporate sites to startups and live events but they all use similar typographic design characteristics.

Federation Square

federation square typography layout

Comedy Hack Day

comedy hack day event website

Supereight Studio

supereight studio uk website layout

Small Fortune

small fortune website homepage layout

Northbound Design

northbound design agency homepage

Wild Blue Technologies

wild blue technologies website

The Modern House

the modern house website homepage

Department Creatif

dept department creatif typography


kingdom coffee cycles website


kettle nyc design agency


crown and owls website design

Design Week Portland

design week portland website layout


solo webapp tool resource website

The Design Files

the design files open house

Kin HR

kin hr website typography thin

Whoa Nelly Catering

whoa nelly catering homepage layout design

Oli Lisher

oli lisher designer portfolio typography

Jason James

jason james freelance layout big text

Jun Duffy

jun duffy clothing website design

Hartford Design

graphic design firm typography orange layout

Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir

miss mary morning elixir retro

Design for Good

design for good aiga homepage layout

Status Bureau

fullscreen custom typography layout

Another Pony

another pony digital agency layout


antro creative agency homepage layout

Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital

stonehenge veterinary hospital virginia homepage

True Ventures

true ventures capital investing homepage typography


monograph design typography layout inspiration


syropia layout website design homepage


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