May 20, 2024

DSGN JBS is your Dashboard for New Design Job Openings

There are dozens of great websites to check for new web design jobs. Unfortunately this can be tedious, and tedium breeds mediocrity.

Instead of checking out a dozen websites you can just visit DSGN JBS. This is an automated curation of new design jobs as they’re posted all over the web.

The feed pulls from large job boards like Dribbble, Authentic Jobs, Behance, Designer News, and more. The site is updated daily with fresh jobs both freelance & full-time.

Each job listing includes the location & title while linking out to the original source. DSGN JBS is not exactly a job board in itself, but rather a collection of openings from the best boards online.

However DSGN JBS has a new listing feature where companies can post a job listing for 30 days exclusively on the DSGN JBS website. This is a great way to bring exposure along with the many other services online.

If you want to learn more visit the DSGN JBS homepage. You can also get a feed of new jobs by following the official Twitter account @dsgnjbs.

DSGN JBS homepage

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