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AgileCamp opens in Silicon Valley September 25th

As the name suggests, AgileCamp is basically a super fun camp for learning Agile development. It’s not like summercamp where you’re gone for weeks; in fact it’s only a one-day event. But this event runs in a couple different areas each year with the intent of helping developers from novice to experts alike. This fall […]


Notion Document Editing Suite in Early-Access Beta

We’re all familiar with the likes of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. But what if there was a better alternative for constructing well-formed dynamic documents? Well according to Notion, this is their current intention. The idea if Notion is to reimagine how to work on documents. It’s meant to be an online tool for editing […]


Marton Anka debuts Caret: An Address Book with Live Updates

Marton Anka is the co-founder of LogMeIn which has gained a lot of attention in the startup scene. Just recently Marton announced a new project named Caret. The goal is to revolutionize how we use our address book. It’s meant to be more of a social application that connects us to contacts via availability, very […]


Reddit Shell offers CLI-Style Surfing in your Browser

There’s a lot of great info to glean from the users of Reddit. Unfortunately it’s not always the best site to have up on your monitor when your boss or supervisor traipses by on patrol. But now thanks to Jason Botello we have a somewhat clandestine opportunity to sneak by undetected: Reddit Shell. This free […]


Digitized Design Conference 2015 in Athens, Greece

Every year in Greece the Digitized design conference kicks off with talks, workshops, and lots of time for chatting. This year Athens will be home to the two-day conference full of learning and fun festivities. Topics range from all areas of digital design including websites, mobile apps, and even video game design. It’s a great […]


InVision now Syncs Directly with Slack

Users of the InVision prototyping tool have found it to be a secure and reliable way to share design concepts with teams of all sizes. This has always made updating projects and creative briefs a whole lot easier with dynamic digital tools and team-based project privileges. Just recently the folks at InVision announced a new […]


Share your Ideas for a New Donald Trump Campaign Slogan

There’s no denying that the multi-billionaire Donald Trump is raising eyebrows at his position on the political stage. It seems his run for presidency has attracted lots of attention both good & bad. On many Internet communities Donald Trump for president has almost turned into a meme unto itself. Humor and serious depictions of Trump […]