July 19, 2024

10 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins

When it comes to adding JavaScript functionality to a website, jQuery has become the solution of choice for web designers and developers. With it’s ease of use and ever-growing selection of plugins, there’s really no point to look elsewhere. Awesome jQuery plugins are popping up everyday, and we’re always on the look out. So for this post, I’ve gathered 10 fresh plugins that you should find very useful.

Cute Balloon


Cute Balloon is a jQuery script that allow you to easy make a beauty tool tip balloon, also with ajax content.



Captify is a plugin that displays simple, pretty image captions that appear on rollover. The goal of Captify is to be easy to use, small/simple, and completely ready for use in production environments (unlike ImageCaptions at the moment). Also, it’s only 2.3kb!



gvChart is a plugin for jQuery, that uses Google Charts to create interactive visualization by using data from the HTML table tag. It is easy in use and additionally it allows you to create five types of the charts.



This plugin is designed for quick development of a page that implements a Google Map with a list of the locations that are specified within the HTML.



jQuery.validity is an elegant and powerful jQuery plug-in you can use to setup client-side form validation. Instead of writing validation manually or balancing some unwieldy server-side framework, validity allows you to design client-side validation in a manner that feels natural and straightforward.

Animated table sort


This plugin allows you to animatedly sort a table based on a column’s

s, or on the content/value of a child/descendant element within those

s. The various

s fly to their new homes, giving a nice effect.

Flare Video


This plugin gives you the ability to easily add an HTML5 video player with Flash fallback.

Coin Slider


Coin Slider is a jQuery image slider plugin with a unique square transition effect.



Blockster is a Javascript transition effect designed for ‘featured content’ rotators or slideshows. Its underlying concept is to transition between one element to the next block by block. It is highly customisable in terms of how many blocks are involved, whether they fade in or simply appear, whether they appear in order or randomly, and more.



Colortip converts the title attributes of elements withing your page, into a series of colorful tooltips. Six color themes are available, so you can easily match it with the rest of your design.


Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.


  1. Brook Reply

    I love these round-ups, while I have seen many of these before, you always seem to find one I haven’t! Keep ’em coming.

  2. Dawid Deja Reply

    gvCharts are amazing. I’m using something similar right now.

    Second best for web usage as alwasy Coin Slider.

    Colortip is also a great addon.

  3. Warren Jerzyszek Reply

    Great list of jquery plugins – I love using jquery in my websites its such an invaluable tool for web designers. Not only does it have function but it looks great and can really help inject some interactivity between the website and the user, which is something I try to achieve with all my websites. Thanks for sharing! Keep them coming.

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