10 Fresh Free Fonts

By / Jan 5, 2012 / Freebies

There are tons of remarkable free fonts out there, and helping you find them is something we really like to do. Since we know that having great fonts to count on is very important we decided to start the year presenting you a few fresh free fonts to boost your library.

Villa Didot

Free Fonts
Free Fonts


Free Fonts
Free Fonts


Free Fonts
Free Fonts


Free Fonts
Free Fonts


Free Fonts
Free Fonts

Cubic Sans

Free Fonts
Free Fonts

Banana Brick

Free Fonts
Free Fonts


Free Fonts

Sansita One

Free Fonts


Free Fonts

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  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Wonderful. Thanks for this collection.

  • http://www.paulund.co.uk Paul

    Nice collection, really like the Sansita One font.

    • uwaiz

      yeah me to. love it

  • Angie

    Very nice, thanks a lot!

  • http://brandonbeeler.com Brandon Beeler

    Very nice set!

  • http://www.alchemydigitalmedia.com Keshav Basnet

    How do they come up with these ideas? Some really good stuff here. Especially like Cubano and Blanch

  • http://whatisnew-blog.blogspot.com/ Jack

    I found some fonts in that collection that will help me at my work.. Thanks for sharing them

  • http://www.8armscreative.com Claudia

    Just tried to download and install Blanche. Download? No problem. Installation, Nope – no way – you can only install one weight at a time and uninstall it (which is no picnic) if you want to use a different weight.

    I love Lost Type and the promise behind the fonts collection – but occasionally a designer does not know how to create workable type files. I’ve had this problem before with Lavenderia, and it sucks. Unfortunately, because Lost Type is a Co-op, there is no support, and you have to rely on the type designer. And good luck with that.

    It’s too bad, because I love the shop.

  • http://www.impressionsdiz.com impressions

    Great collection! Thanks

  • http://www.intravecdesigns.com Intravec

    Some great fonts to start the year off!

  • http://www.anarinfo.com Anaradam

    ‘SOFIA’ looks very great… Nice list… Keep it up..

  • Anne

    Blanch is perfectly lovely. Glad I clicked on your LinkedIn submission.