10 New Free Fonts for Your Designs

By / Jan 24, 2012 / Freebies

Finding the perfect font for a project is a real challenge, and that is why we like to provide our readers with as much fonts as we can. We know that having a lot of options to choose from is very helpful, so today we gathered a new round of free fonts to give your designs a new touch, check it out.


Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts


Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts


Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts


Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts

Adamas Regular

Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts

The Graffiti Font

Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts


Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts

Nomed Font

Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts


Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts


Fresh Fonts
Fresh Fonts

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  • http://bohdan.com.ua Bohdan

    Thank you! For your list my new free ukrainian and latin font (regular and bold)
    Screenshot: http://bohdan.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/veles_new_eng.png
    Page for donwload (in ukrainian): http://bohdan.com.ua/2012/01/17/veles-font/

  • http://dbini.com dbini

    wow – a great selection. they all feel very 2012… thanks

  • http://www.webeminence.com Complete Website

    Sweet…you can never have enough fonts!

  • http://www.glantz.net Keith Glantz

    Thanks for sharing. I can envision of a few of these fonts in use.

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    “Arvil” and “Origram” is nice…but font like “Nomed” is so difficult to read… Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.megosa.com Melissa

    I love Haymaker :)

  • http://www.danmoore.com.au Dan

    I think it’d be important to note that the fonts from http://losttype.com/ (Arvil and Haymaker) are actually “Pay what you want” fonts. So if you really wanted to pay 0, then you can. But if you appreciate fine craftsmanship, pay what you think they are worth. What the designers time is worth.

  • http://cirquedumot.com Susan Silver

    Origram is perfect for my new website which is inspired by Japanese Kimono! It will be great for a logo and Headlines.

  • http://www.icwebdesign.co.uk Web Design Newport

    Haymaker is a really great looking classic font i can see that incorporated into some great looking designs.

  • http://westwoodmovers.com Joe Anderson

    Thanks for the post, the fonts looks great!

  • http://www.perfexdesign.nl Webdesign

    Nice! I like the Manteka font:)

  • http://www.technologygarden.biz web design

    Awesome Haymaker!!!
    A lot of thanx to you for this marvelous postings…

  • http://www.oldworldcreative.com Evan Skuthorpe

    Very cool fonts. Nice work.

  • m smith

    Some of these are NOT FREE. They are released on a pay-what-you-like basis, which is NOT THE SAME AS BEING FREE.

  • http://www.thriftandthistle.co.uk Thrift and Thistle

    Thanks for featuring the Meander Font, really appreciate it! More handmade of my handmade illustrative fonts on the Thrift and thistle site, and free resources too!

  • http://www.kreativtheme.com Kreativ Theme

    Manteka looks great … thanks :)

  • Jim

    Arvil Sans looks awesome!

  • http://MaltaOn.com WebDesignMalta

    Very nice fonts thank you.
    I quiet like the “Haymaker”, it looks new and fits well into the 2012 world.