July 14, 2024

10 New Twitter Tools That Will Get You Tweeting

Whether you’re new to Twitter or an experienced user, Twitter tools make everything easier. Here are some of my favorite new tools to make Tweeting easier and more useful for any user. Try one or two that looks useful and leave a comment in the box at the bottom if you like.

1. Send Tweets At Optimal Times In Just a Click With Buffer

Whenever I see an article I like I just click on the Buffer icon and it becomes a Tweet that is then automatically posted at the next optimal time. Buffer makes Tweeting great content on a regular basis easy. Whenever you’re online simply click the Buffer button in your browser on anything that looks interesting.

Cool Feature: With every Tweet you send via Buffer you will get detailed analytics about how many clicks, retweets and reach.


2. Auto-Organize Tweets And Label Conversations With Colorful Twimbow

Twimbow is a great way to stay on top what people are tweeting to make getting started Tweeting easier for you. It color-codes your replies, retweets and hashtags to help you easily see what’s going on at a glance. You have to tweet from somewhere, so why not do it from a place as colorful and useful as Twimbow?

Cool Feature: You can add pre-set hashtags (learn more about what hashtags are in #4 below) to your Tweets to color-code them for other Twimbow users, which connects you to other the Twimbow community of users.


3. See How Popular Links Are With WhoTweetedMe

WhoTweetedMe will not only show you how popular your tweets are, it will help you find influential people interested in the same topics as you. (That means if you follow them they are more likely to follow you back, since you share the same interests.)

How it does that is by showing you how many retweets any link got and when, and by showing you the potential reach and follower count of each person retweeting the post. So all you have to do is teview the reach and follower numbers to find the top people for any topic.

Cool Feature: Top 20 people tweeting a link are listed, so if you are tracking a link you tweeted, you can thank them right there with just one click!


4. Participate More Seamlessly In Twitter Chats with TweetChat

Hashtags are just words added to tweets that act like topic or event labels. They let you search more easily for tweets by topic. Even before you start tweeting yourself, hashtags are a fun and useful way to get value out of Twitter. To turn a word into a hashtag topic label, all you do is add a “#” to the beginning of it (so iPhone would become #iPhone, for example).

One of the coolest uses of #hashtags is to create Twitter Chats. To talk about the topic, just add the topic hashtag to your tweet (such as #BlogChat or #ToolsChat). They are one of the very best ways get started tweeting. You can just listen, or chime in anytime!

Chats let you participate in discussing a particular topic with other Twitter users, and last only an hour or so. There are Twitter chats for web design, blogging tips, Social Media and much, much more. Here is a great list of hundreds of Twitter chats.

TweetChat makes chats easy for you. Set the dashboard to the chat hashtag you want to follow, and it will automatically show you all new chat Tweets as they are sent.

Cool Feature: The interface lets you hide any user that might be over-tweeting or off-topic to keep things focused and useful for you.


5. Get Full Stats On Any Twitter Hashtag With The Hashtracking Tool

Once you have begun to understand the power of hashtags, you’ll want to study more of them.

To see how many people are using a hashtag or for tracking an online or offline Twitter event or chat that you want to start, Hashtracking is a great solution for getting powerful, free reports on any hashtag.

It shows how many Tweets were posted, how many people potentially saw a hashtag, and total retweets. Additionally you will get a display of the top 10 users from the hashtag, which is very helpful to identify key people for any topic, chat or event, as you did with WhoTweetedMe.

Cool Feature: Hashtracking makes it very easy to export all results to be used in a presentation, and will also soon include a geographic analysis option.


6. Create Twitter Lists Auto-Efficiently With Formulists

Twitter lists are a powerful way to grow your community, and an easy first step when you begin tweeting and following people. But it can be time-consuming to remember to organize everyone into lists!

Fortunately, with Formulists you can easily automate triggers that put people into the right list. So if someone retweets, mentions or follows you, you can have them in the right list of your network…automatically. And by reviewing lists that show who is retweeting you the most, you can stay engaged with your growing community.

Cool Feature: The most engaged people in your network are always shown in an open tab.


7. Clear Out Spammers, Quitters and Low-Value Users With ManageFlitter

After you’ve been tweeting and following people for awhile, you will sometimes come across people you want to unfollow. The longer you’re on Twitter, the more frequently you’ll encounter this problem.
Some people you follow just quit, others simply waste your time and clutter up your stream of tweets. ManageFlitter has a wonderful, easy interface to help you keep your Twitter connections with great people uninterrupted by folks you don’t want to connect with any more.

Cool Feature: ManageFlitter has one of the simplest integrations of Google Plus into Twitter.

8. Share Categorized Tweets On A Personalized Website With Twylah

As you send out more and more tweets, you’ll want people to see them, and to be able to browse through them yourself.

Twylah is great for that, because it automatically turns all your Tweets into a beautiful website, filled with your tweets organized by category and displayed with rich media. It makes it very easy for your followers to understand what you are Tweeting about the most and whether you are a good fit to follow them. It automatically “promotes” you to new people!

So, at a glance you or anyone can quickly review your past Tweets. Try putting your Twylah page in your Twitter bio, in your email signature or on your blog..

Cool Feature: All of your Tweets are also indexed in Google via Twylah, which is a great way to get more exposure from your Twitter efforts!


9. See How You’re Doing On Twitter With The TwitSprout Easy Analytics Dashboard

Once you really get going on Twitter, you’ll want to track how you’re doing. TwitSprout makes it easy. See your follower growth, total retweets and mentions over time and more on a single page. The app interestingly even overlays them for you to make it easier to understand whether your growth is happening organically.

Cool Feature: TwitSprout lets you export charts of your data to use in presentations or reports.


10. Hide Spam and View Rich Media Tweets From Anywhere With Smartr

Once you’re an experienced Twitter user, you’ll want to try more ways of finding great tweets from the people you follow. Smartris a beautifully designed way to do that.

It pulls in news from your Twitter feed and displays it in a new and much easier way to consume. And it also filters out spam, so you only see top news from your Smartr stream.

Smartr can be easily read on your iPhone, in your browser, and soon on your desktop. All Tweets are displayed with pictures and preview so you can save time deciding whether to read a post or not.

Cool Feature: Smartr is also a community in itself and you can follow others that are interested in the same topics right inside the app.


So, those are my top 10 Tools to get you tweeting. Have you tried any of these? What did you think? Add your comment in the box below!


Leo Widrich is Co-Founder Buffer, a smarter way to share your Social Media updates. Hit him up on Twitter @leowid anytime, he is a very nice guy.


  1. Simon Jackson Reply

    These are really interesting – especially like the simplicity of twitsprout. Another tool we use to analyse our twitter performance here is Crowdbooster – we find the detailed information of our followers and their influence that this provides really useful.

  2. Matthieu Reply

    Just one more twitter tools list created by Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer. And of course, Buffer is at the top.

  3. Debi Reply

    Thanks for the tools. I started using Formulists about a month ago. I have already seen the improvement in my twitter account and really enjoy this tool. I think I will now try Who Tweeted Me and Twylah. It’s all about keeping up to date and communicating.

  4. Nitesh Reply

    Perhaps you would also like to visit sort.li. It provides the information about who are your most important, and who your most influential Twitter followers? along with the one is your twitter lists!Its a read-only twitter app. Built on Colayer Davos Cloud platform.

  5. Joan Izquierdo Reply

    A good service to monitor a Twitter hashtag is http://www.tweet-tag.com. You can monitor your hashtag and get data and statistics in real-time about participation, tweets and the audience. Also, you can see the words most used. And finally, keep and consult the monitoring when completed. I hope you like it and you find it useful. Thanks.

  6. Sam Jackson Reply

    I have been using hootsuite for a while for automating tweets but I look out for something more for bulk direct messages to promote my latest blog post. Thanks for suggestions

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