100+ Photography Enhancing Photoshop Actions

By / Apr 12, 2010 / Freebies

Photoshop actions can be a big time saver, especially when you’re trying to add a specific effect to a photo and you’re not sure how to do it. Thanks to talented and generous Photoshop users, we can simply click a button and our photography can take on a whole new look. For this post we’ve rounded up over 100 Photoshop actions for enhancing your photos. In this collection you’ll notice a wide variety of actions, from vintage effects to amazing color alterations.

Cinema Photoshop Action


Faux HDR Photoshop Action


HDR Photoshop Action


Faded and Hazy Photoshop Action



Fashion Actions (10 actions)



Ghost Stories Photoshop Action (9 actions)



The Bee’s Knees Sampler Set (3 actions)



Sun Kissed Actions (14 actions)



Pioneer Woman Action Set 1 and Set 2 (14 actions and 10 actions)


Nothing but Memories (10 Actions)

photoshop actions


photoshop actions

Color Action

photoshop actions

Pink Action

photoshop actions

Pinhole Effect

photoshop actions

sa-cool actions 2.08 colors (17 actions)

photoshop actions


photoshop actions

kream action

photoshop actions

Cookie Dough Action

photoshop actions

vintage wash ps actions

photoshop actions

Variety Pack Actions .3 (5 actions)

photoshop actions

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  • http://rolling-webdesign.com Theo

    Thanks for this time saving collection !

  • http://knowledgecity.com Jae Xavier

    Very informative! Now only if cellphone cameras can do the same thing… What a great idea!

  • http://lenatailor.designerteam.info Lena Tailor | DT

    You are the real time saver. Appreciate your efforts in putting this together.

  • http://thisismonica.carbonmade.com/ monica of hola!design

    Great examples! I was looking for a collection of cool effects for a project I’m working on. I specially like the pinhole effect.
    It’s interesting how color treatment can really give a picture that wow factor. Great post.

  • jack parsons

    Seriously, this is crap. All of the actions = “oversaturate”, except for that Polaroid generator. These kinds of crappy Digg fodder posts are a dime a dozen and a complete waste of your readers’ time. Simply googling list+of+photoshop+actions presented hundreds, if not thousands of listicle posts that preceded yours.

    • http://www.kylesteed.com kyle steed

      Amen. Couldn’t have said it better myself Jack.

      If you are serious about photography and want to learn what makes a photograph better, take a class or buy a book, don’t depend on PS actions to save the day. Because when you break it down, a bad photo is a bad photo no matter how good at photoshop you are.

      These kinds of blog posts are exactly what the internet doesn’t need more of. Why not write an original article about how to spend time focusing on composition and lighting instead of just throwing a bunch of links to actions in there? Not to say that all actions are bad, but this is just a waste of your readers time.

    • Robert Tutsky

      Totally agree. If you are PS savvy, you are better off generating your own effects to your liking, otherwise it’s a waste of hard drive space.

  • Eddie

    Mr. Kyle and Jack,

    Why do you take it so seriously? Maybe this is just for the fun of it? BTW, this is a big trend in consumer/prosumer/ & even professional photography right now. It looks awesome. Lighten up a little and give the author some credit for the time spent on this list.

    • jack parsons

      Are you kidding? Go ahead and google it, posts exactly like this one appear on instablogs every single day. They’re rife in the design community for one reason and one reason alone, and it ain’t because it’s “helpful”. It’s because it’s “easy”.

      I honestly would have been less salty if I hadn’t looked at that sidebar and seen almost *every single post* is yet another listicle, with “55 Essential Inspirations” and “101 Websites So Awesome They’ll Devour Your Eyeballs” — compiling resources that have been compiled before and will be compiled yet again.

      To the author: is this why you got involved in blogging and in design? I don’t know, I just assume that most people interested in this actually like to create things.

  • http://www.nissiinfotech.com Website Design

    Good work!!!
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  • http://digitalphotographyzine.com Digital Photo

    Wow, thanks for this list, it does make life a little easier!

  • http://www.mac10.it mac

    really love this post!

  • http://www.webrisorsa.info Web Risorsa

    Great list of Photoshop actions.. Thanks for sharing with us…

  • http://www.reimaginedesigns.com Marty

    Can you really ever get enough great photoshop actions?? (rhetorical question)

  • http://super-target-me.blogspot.com/ Super Target Me

    Just amazing!! Thank u!

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  • K.F.C

    @JAck: shut up and let people enjoy the actions themself… you are so noisy here

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  • http://hithesun.com HiTheSun

    Great Effect! Love it 😡

  • http://www.louisvuittonhouse.com/ vuitton

    Great Effect! Love it 😡

  • http://blog.denimgeek.com/ Denim Geek

    quality effects, been searching for lomography effects for some time now, are any of these transferable to lightroom presets? Cheers