14 Most Visually Appealing Free WordPress Themes

By / Jun 4, 2009 / Freebies

With such a large community that has grown around WordPress, it’s no surprise that there are tons of free themes floating around out there. However, there are only a few that look great out of the box. In this article, I’ve rounded up what I believe are the best looking free WordPress themes available.



Themes don’t get more stylish than this one. Magazeen includes some pretty cool features including a thumbnail gallery at the top of the home page that showcases the latest posts.



Since this one is heavily inspired by Card Observer, I had to include it.

Color Paper

Color Paper

This theme has a traditional blog layout but, but the use of color and texture really make it stand out from the crowd.



This light on dark theme features a 3 fixed column design, thumbnail covers style, and Flickr, Twitter and delicious integration.



Irresistible is a visually-rich personal blog, with a little bit of a multimedia focus. Some features include: integrated video player, integrated banner ad management, and 9 color choices.



Typebased is a very clean and elegant theme that doesn’t have a lot of design elements and doesn’t need them.



A very clean design with a unique middle column.



If you are looking for something unique and different in a theme, this is it. It makes great use of some beautiful textures.



This one is a 2-column theme with lots of detailed vintage design elements.



Meta-Morphosis is a visually-rich personal blog, with a magazine layout approach.

Notepad Chaos

Notepad Chaos

This theme has 2 columns, a quite vibrant design including “personal” design elements such as handwritten headings, stick-it-notes, clips and pins.



Colourise is a gorgeous light on dark, two-column theme with an ultra large header image, a dark backdrop and a fat footer.

WordPress Fun

Wordpress Fun

Another theme that uses a lot of great textures and has an excellent color palette.

Simply Ornate

Simply Ornate

This is a minimal theme that comes with 5 different ornate background paterns.

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

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