15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

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Last week we showcased 13 Beautiful Design Agency Websites, and today, to follow the path of showing how creative professionals are presenting themselves to clients, we have a list of inspiring portfolio designs. From graphic designers to product and branding designers, from web to communication designers, there are a lot of great portfolios in this collection to provide inspiration.

Björn Meier

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Jason James

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Jonathan da Costa

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Lukas Linden

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Dennis Adelmann

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Pauline Osmont

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Leeann Pica

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Alex Araujo

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs


15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Adam Mottau

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Gracie Koh

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Michael Schmid

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Jun Lu

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

Jan Finnesand

15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs


15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

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  • http://www.steve-edge.com Edge Design – Design Agency

    I really like Alex Araujo, the colours really help make the page look interesting

  • http://traceyrickard.co.uk Tracey Rickard Web Designer

    I really like the calm colours that Dennis Adelmann uses – simple and beautiful design. The intro to the site is great too!

  • http://yopdesign.com Yofie Setiawan

    Very simple yet powerful! I like how the layout perfectly matched with the typography…

  • http://www.coolwebsitedesigns.org Igor Ivankovic

    They are all unique and love the overall theme of real images and typography. Really nice use of colors.

  • http://www.moverszone.com/ Kevinpeterson

    All portfolio design are simple and professional, unique also. I like that Jan Finnesand design its really nice and i like that black color combination.

  • http://trx-labs.org Andrzej

    Most examples are so similar and boring! Web designers are copying each other, and this is a bad trend.

    • Lars

      If you pay attention to posts my Gisele, they’re almost all the same thing. She has a very particular style that she likes, and everything that falls under it is “unique” and “beautiful”.

  • http://awdience.com Aaron Payne

    Love the simplicity and makes since that web design has gone this way, but makes me wonder what’s going to be the next new thing in the next couple years. If minimalistic/content is king will stick around.

  • http://www.slinkywebdesign.com.au/portfolio Slinky Web Design

    Simple, straightforward portfolio designs; very good use of colours too :) SWD

  • sam

    some really cool portfolios up there! found this one http://www.craiglongmuir.com just now and loved the home graphic of the guys face. gives it a little something-something :)

  • http://www.99medialab.com/ Marlem Burm

    Denis Adelmann, Pauline Osmont and Alex Araujo are definitely the stand out for me. Great portfolios.

  • http://www.authenticstyle.co.uk Will

    Lovely examples here. Really like the depth in the header of the Alex Araujo site.