15 Must-Have Minimalist Icon Sets

By / Jun 29, 2010 / Freebies

A few months ago we posted a collection of icon sets for minimal style web design. It was quite the challenge finding high-quality icons of this style, but I was able to find some gems and the effort was greatly appreciated by our readers. Since several months have passed, I decided to scour the internet again for new sets and ones I may have missed the last go around. You’ll be pleased to see that I was able to find 15 Must Have Minimalist Icons Sets. These icons are perfect for designs that are focused on content and typography.

Default Icon

minimal icons

Goo-EE Icon Set

minimal icons


minimal icons


minimal icons


minimal icons

Wireframe Toolbar Icons

minimal icons

Eclipse 2

minimal icons


minimal icons


minimal icons

UIDesign Icons

minimal icons

Symbol Signs

minimal icons

Mnml Icon Set

minimal icons

Only2 Icons (92 icons in set)

minimal icons

Devine Icons 2

minimal icons

Devine Icons

minimal icons

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  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Amelia Johnson

    These are really helpful. Good inspiration for design work. I will be looking back to this post when designing my own websites, especially if I am thinking about including icons.

  • http://designbeep.com Arshad Cini

    Yes definetely it is amust to have this collection..

    Thanks Henry

  • http://www.webdesign-bureau-of-mauritius.com Sachin

    This is a great list, just what I needed to polish up the new theme I built for my blog. Cheers.

  • http://www.beyondrandom.com Beyondrandom

    Very nice! Ive been trying to find an icon set I can use for my categories on my blog but its become pretty tough. Ill have to look at these more later. Thanks for sharing these

  • http://www.torbalscales.com ddeja

    Cool set of icons. Minimalistic fonts are best for administratrion and profile panels. I’ll be shure to look here again when I need some of them.


  • http://knowledgecity.com Jae Xavier

    divine is sleek! simple!

  • http://www.sunshine-design.co.uk Jon

    Superb! Thanks!

    You’re right, it’s hard to find quality icon sets. Especially sets big enough to allow you to use them in a large application.

  • http://www.iconfinder.com Martin Leblanc

    @jon Have you looked here http://www.iconfinder.com/free_icons ?

  • http://www.html5elite.com Pete

    These are great, will definitely be using them in future projects. Thanks Henry.

  • http://ibrandstudio.com Eko iBrand

    Nice collections…love simplicity

  • http://www.rayaddison.com Ray Addison

    Awesome collection of icons guys. Thanks.

  • http://www.peax-webdesign.com Graphiste

    just discovered this website, great selection, thanks

  • http://kovshenin.com Konstantin

    Oh my god, these are delicious! Thanks so much for such a great list!

  • http://www.admixweb.com Teylor Feliz

    Beautiful Icon Sets, Thanks!!!

  • http://www.pixelboxdesign.co.uk/ Pixelbox Design

    Excellent collection, Added to favs, keep up the good work.

  • http://www.arslania.com Arslan

    Perfect collection thanks :)

  • http://www.buzz-website.co.uk Buzz

    Great collection, I love some of these icons… Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.ownmainerealestate.com Andrew Mooers

    Excellent space saving, low intrusion navigation help.